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Saint Theophilus the Penitent or Theophilus of Adana (died ca. 538) was a cleric in the sixth century Church who is said to have made a deal with the Devil to gain an ecclesiastical position. His story is significant as it is the oldest story of a pact with the devil and was an inspiration for the Faust legend. His feast day is February 4. (24-42)

D Duck Tapes: Revelations & Proof There Are NO Coincidences! Everything Decoded!

D Duck Tapes

The Gift Of Truth

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Truth On Billboards!

“There is nothing more valuable in a world of lies than the gift of Truth.” – RhoSe

We have each been gifted with the Truth.  Perhaps you haven’t seen it yet, but it’s in the consciousness now, it’s all over the internet now and it’s even on the streets on billboards.

The Truth has been uncovered, revealed, written, broadcast, and shared in so many ways over the last few years.  Many have dedicated their lives to ensuring the Truth is accessible to everyone in as many formats and languages as possible – and this work, this vocation, continues, and will not stop, because everyone has the right to know what is going on in this world. Everyone needs the gift of Truth in a world of lies.

#truthbillboardshave begun appearing in the corporate legal fiction known as ‘UK’.

They display a simple piece of information, a message for all of…

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Kate of Gaia


by kate of kaea

ATTENTION: Lawyer, Judge, Government Agent/employee, Police, Common Man etc. et al/any/all who serve as a fictional LEGAL NAME/TITLE/I.D.-ENTITY (pronounced phonetically example: “leg-all enemy”((N-AM-E), “tit-El”/Luciferian)) character in the legal world reality;

Author’s note where the “author” is defined as anyone who uses these words as their’s where truth cannot be “copyrighted”, merely shared by agreement and these words are theirs, regardless of “who” wrote the words ab initio where truth belongs to all in CONCEPTUAL (heart and mind written, causal, not the physical “written” form, effectual.), where this writing/righting/riting is written (spelled out) in language understandable to both those in and out of the LEGAL NAME FRAUD profession/reality where the common understanding of this fraud and crime against humanity and creation is visible both in laymen’s and legal terms, not to be confused by the intent of the…

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Day and Night


Now here is a story from my life’s experience where I use Phonics as Sound “decipherer” (“the-minds-sphere-ear”) to LISTEN for sounds in literal spellings and find their hidden allegory. In allegory you can hear creations cause in this moment of now. Think of Phonics as the primary colours on a painters pallet, where you from playing with them will know how to blend out the fictional legal definitions you don’t need to define your real experience. You can paint a picture of your ‘dreams’ while at the same time make sense of source by observation of it’s repeating pattern in other fractals in allegory of events and experiences ‘big’ and ‘small’. Start using a few key sounds, like there is only seven basic musical keys, or seven to nine visible colours in the rainbow. This writing ‘goes sideways’ in many places because that IS in the now, while it is still written with perspective from the only one steady rock I know to be true in Satan’s legal matrix; “It’s illegal to use a legal name”. This part of my story explains the reason why I decoded the Rapa Nui Mo-vie with the ‘Moi’ statues on Easter Island.

I have full trust in creations infinite perfection, and will therefore mute the ‘M’ in the sound; “Mois”, to show how sound manipulate energy. The sound of M for Magnetic is unbalanced without knowin it’s counterpart E “all of creation”. M has tre-men-do-us-(lie) power in front of any other syllable, that being especially so when leading into the sound of O, like in Modus Operandi, M.O. O represents the Ovum of infinite creation. The sound O is a Phi spiral torus field infinite, not a 2Dimentional phi-nite circ’El as it appears on paper. You are freekin tough if you still hang in here, because this is not easy reading, where I l-ear-n myself while writing it. The objective is to get to know my True self and at the same time show that phonics prove there is no such thing as coincidence. I know this to be true. If a memory is triggered in you, while reading, play with it, connect events using phonics to bring it into the now, and find out what that anogogic means in your life path. Are you just meant to be a ‘fill in meat-stick’ in someone else’s experience, or are you supposed to know your True spirit now. If you find this simple truth; “It’s illegal to use a legal name.” inspiring enough to decode your own name which means way, then you can find your way home…… in sharing and writing this universal and legal FACT.

A divided mind can not trust Itself and seek ‘expert’ advice from intellectual moonkeys whom have been just as divided and conquered as everyone else. Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory is a good allegory for the collective scientific mindset as well as for the rest of the narr-ow mind-set stuck in dead fictional legal system contracts. There is enough comedians on plan-it legal, where come-die-ans are sent to come-bat zones to entertain soul-diers so that they can continue their killing with a laughing grin on their face. The ‘Goo’ood morning Vietnam’ is one example of this come-die-anu/(heart). Legal name means you are spiritually dead goofing from Satans meatgrinder like a znoring zzz-Nom-be. Look at the number of TV series and Mo-vie’s bluntly telling you this without you getting a clue. They arrogantly mock your ignorance and by that prove to their inciders the insane stup-I.D.i-tie of pop-ulations. If you use my website google for translation, you will find that NOM means NAME in French, where I just flipped the Z in Zombie over to the right to make it an N for “Nom-Be” which translates “Be a Name”/Nom/Numb.

Decoder sounds like “the cod heir”, where ‘cod’ is the ‘fish’ uniform hat of the dead Vatican corporation through the age of Pisces. (This essay show the truth in why you should always read the small print in contracts, where small print is an allegory for the twisted phonics used by the legal B.A.R. cod system. Did YOU ever find any literal ‘small writings’ in legal contracts? List-en in between the lines… the B.A.R. codes…. bipp bipp bipp) It’s said you should fine comb legal contracts with a lupe, (magnifying glass) and lupo means wolf, where the honourable house of Lord judges wear their woolly wigs. The B.A.R. thought themselves to be the untouchable wh-ear wolves while dressing up in sheep’s clothing. Vie just turn’d the tables fire-ring Silver bullets of truth pinning them down like lambs to the slaughter. The mirror works great.

So in the second paragraph you saw why the M, Magnetic cause, (Maritime) Luciferian Doubt/Intent compelling ego demons to better creation, was muted in the sound of “Mois”. The O-vum womb of infinite creation possibility was explained, which now coincidently leaves us with IS… where Vie know that any ‘ism’, IS very bad news.

Ois’ OI! O-I, set,/see-t O before I, to seat truth on the throne in your fathers house (your hear-t). The letterS’ in it’s positive meaning look like a crosswind tack of divine feminine energy in balance with divine masculine. S sounds like a hissing snake, and “Å snakke” means to talk. A “slange”, is a snake, so you can bet old Nick spoke slang in the “Gard-en of Ed-en”, which literally translates to “The Guardian of the First Oat”. Where my oat IS simply to truth, which is to life and creation. (K)NOT to the delusional death war-shippers in the Satanic merry-time paedophilia B.A.R.

Ois means HEAR in French, add a T from Truth the “T-root” to “HEAR”, and you have HEAR-T. Truth sees no value in the nOise from de-baited election promises for select-ed egotistically; “my family(only)values”, because Oi-san it means LISTEN! So Listen;

When I was 5 I kneeled down and pointed to a beautiful ‘day and night’ flower, while catching my guardians attention. I said something like “Mois/Moys”, no no “blomst” the guardian replied.“ Mois” I said, and so it went forth and back a few times until I gave into the normal programming and repeated “blomst”. (blomst means flower in ‘Norwegian’, from bloom/blood/spirit) Put bloom in the mirror and you see mold, and moss, on the trees, (sin-bio-see, parasitic) effect from worshipping the dead LEGAL Mose/Moss Moses book. This is creation telling you in pre-sent visible the effects of worshipping that which is dead.

In 19-77 one of the foremost areological ‘expert’s’ on Easter Island, ‘Thor Heyerdahl’, built his read/reed boat, ‘Tigris’ (Ti Gris can literally mean “shut up (you) pig!” in Norwegian. It is safe to say that a ‘fa-mous(e)’ archaeologist would know how to leave hidden clues of the occult knowledge he could not publish. REED boat, where ‘re-ed’ translates; “according to Oat”) Heyerdahl wanted to demonstrate a possibility for migration in simple straw boats (straw man, Birth Certificate) which could have linked Mesopotamia, with the Indus Valley Civilization. Remember there IS no coincidence, so listen….. “Linking Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley”.

Lets break Mesopotamia into phonic syllables; (M/E (Magnetic/Electric, ‘all of creation’s (divine feminine in balance with divine masculine) o (womb of infinite creation), po (spirit seed of all of creation, YOU.) ta (Thank You) M I (Example of the I /ego ‘effect’; the resulting duality from how you perceive your meat-stick to be all that you are + the legal systems legal name which you relentlessly are told IS you. There you have 2 lies leading to 2 misconceptions, called Duality. Take the I/ego out of the idolized ‘Saint’, and you have ‘Sant’ which means Truth in ‘Norwegian, where ‘San’ again, means NAME of nobles in Japanese. Sound works in all languages. a (look carefully at the letter a, it is binary, a zero followed by 1, it is the on off switch mirrored correctly, where 0 is on, and 1 is off. The small letter a is composed by O and I packed all tight together, meaning you see-T Ovum of creation before the I/ai. The state of heart/mind you can tap into and fully obtain when you become a master of ‘Phoenician’ to right your own book of life, (where you now have your ego demon firmly on a leash), can be called Christ mind/consciousness, and/or unconditional love. Offensive, repulsive and meaningless words to most, in that there is no one word to describe the fact that TRUTH is LOVE, to those that do not know Truth, and thereby have never known true love. Follow your k-nows means follow that which you know to be true.

Indus Valley, In-dus (Dos, binary, dus-in, =12 signs in Satan’s Zodia-call meatgrinder.) Valley (veil eye, the wall lie, the wall of lies, arch of your brain halves, the magnetic arch from your hear-t to heaven) The message is cl-ear, listen inside yourself for answers, where you will never need to bend for anyone again, when you stand in Truth for all of creation.

In 1978 the Tigris Raft sailed on its way. A few days later the Family of Thor Heyerdahl and Hans Petter Bohn knocked at the door in m/e guardians family home to communicate ‘with Tigris’ through Amateur Radio, I was 13. (Using names here for reference only, because ‘legal namers’ are under the heel and killed by the legal commandment; “Thou shalt NOT bear false witness against your neighbour”, where truth would never point to ANYONE and claim to know them to BE any dead paper name, Legal or otherwise in the face of parasitic criminal delusional system whore/agents.) There is but ONE law needed, and that is “do no harm”. Be nice. Tell the truth and give others a chance to repent / re-pen-T ruth/root.

On April 3’rd 1978 the Tigris expedition came to an end when Thor Heyerdahl decided to burn his reed raft Tigris, in Djibouti. This was done in protest against actions of war in the Red Sea, war in general, and war around the horn of ‘A-free-Ka’ (a free Spirit). The letter ‘I’ should never follow the meat hook letter ‘J’, in ‘Norwegian’. Yeah butt, when it comes to names it can; (Jim) / ‘Ji-minY Cricket‘ (Is a ‘Bat’ and ‘Ba’al’ Game) nuff said, apart from that Disney’s J.C., Jimini Cricket presents all the occult indoctrination cartoons di-erected at children on Christmas day in Norway. Shake Djibooti fish-ink Vatican triple crown, the hor-n(s) of Babylon’s whore belong on YOUR doom.

‘The Red Sea’ can symbolize; “That Blood That Moves The Body”, “Spirit”, both in KJV legal bi-bull and in other oc-cult literature. Thor Heyerdahl’s adventures give countless clues to The Legal Name Fraud through his choices of locations. As do EVERY other fictional and factional literal story ever published because the spiritual cause is presented in physical allegory through spirit. The legal name fraud is the basis of every fish-ink’t literal thing going on in plan-it legal. The Legal Name I.D.ola-try is the sin/key that blind you from seeing the Truth as to WHY, Satan’s legal hell is a firepit literally about to burn out with you in it. Or you can open your heart to change your mind about contributing to evil, now.

The choices are simply between GOOD / Spirit / Yes-Us / Je-suis (French for I am / the “I am”, or evil, which includes all religions in both their literal and legal interpretation. The KJV is used as an occult Legal instrument enforced upon all children by its LE-GAL-I-TY, which is the biggest religion of them all. ‘Namaste’ you fish-ink’t New Cage monkey, “Name-av-ste” translates; “off you go name”, drop the ank-whore chain because it’s dead and pulling you deeper into the pit. Oh, so you don’t want to be reincarnated here in Satan’s in-dust-ri-all meat grinding factory repeatedly?…. repeat-ed(oat)-(and)lie(again)… Re (again) Inc. (Ink on the Birth Certificate) K (spirit ‘personified) aR]mirror[Ra, A-moon Ra, Amen) NAT (Latin Nat-alia = “dies,” Nat-alis = “birthday,” nat-are = “to swim,”(water / Truth)) ed (oat) All New (C)Age religions including fish-inct Atheism fall in UNDER legality. While RI means “of the most high”


Took a break here and watched the pilot episode (meaning Season 01 Episode 01 (online) of the brand new TV series Agent X. Where ‘Nat-a-lie Mac-ca-bee’ (Ka-Be / be my spirit personified) Natalie Macabee is played by “Sharon Stone”, “Share on phone”, “Share One Stone”, Go Ahead, challenge truth where the stone will be on your grave, typically great ones like the pyramids and shit. is inaugurated “in-augu-Ra-t-ed”, augo=eye (“ratted out for the evil they project, and spiritually nailed to the Zoo-die-a-call cross of Ra, because of their sworn oat/ed”.) as vice president, and later was handed the key to the office / (orifis/amoeba) of the vice pre-cide-nsy. (pre Cide means ‘before to kill’, the true key to such perceived legal fictional power of lie-sence to kill is the Legal NAME FRAUD.) In the next scene Natalie ask her adviser ‘Mal-come My-liar’ for a Latin Dictionary, ‘apparently’ / literally, to translate the Latin inscription of the founding fathers, on the fireplace; (“Out of darkness comes the Light”) she goes on to say “only when I play scrabble”… Malcolm Millar’s character is enacted by Gerald McRaney (name in phonic; a-moon Ra’s robbing your eye/I/ai using duality. Amen to that.) While the occult message to ‘higher’ (ma-sonic(s) (which in realities mirror now is the low end bottom trash.) was to translate her name ‘Natalia’ as done in the paragraph before this one; reincarNATe, ‘Re-in-carne’/meat, back into a new meat-stick body to try again. Good luck with that. Agent X is John Case / Ka-se, (see spirit personified)… acting as protector and enforcer of the secret 5’th section in ‘The Constitutions’ 2’nd Amendment. (in the mirror (of Ca-se “see spirit personified”) John Case is the negative feminine Luciferian intent (magnetic energy) of having to do do do whatever needed to protect legality. He can not leave it alone and just BE. (5’th = ‘Phi-Ve’ = Truth, to see the golden mean of creation.) Agent X ‘arch’ enemy will be, ‘Olga’ (All Ka, all of spirit), she’s balanced, cool, agile and arrogant. Olga work with Nick-olas Walker (the walking spirit of ‘Old Nick’) the ‘nick name’, which was BEFORE Legal Names, not Old Nick Satan ‘himself’. You see how they spin and con-fuse you…… Example of on how they show the mirror of words (scrabble) in allegory to those in the know; The huge Russian guy who fell backwards from the roof into the swimming pool was first shot in his Left shoulder, by Agent X, two scenes later in the fight out on the roof terra-se you can see he was shot in the Right shoulder.)

The 2’nd Amendment / Amen-D-ment” spells out its value in Phoenix; the A moon Ra Duality(2’nD) predator Mind” where Con-stitution literally means ‘with or without standing’, (This depend on Legal Name status, and birth calender, (If you have the B.A.R. card legal right to copyright use or not) This fictional distraction fall in under legality’s dead fictions in any case, where a B.A.R. menber’s ‘spirit personified’, is x-stink’t with fish-ink, where his meatstick’s psychopathic schizophrenia stand AGAINST Truth, and thereby against all life in creation’s himself/herself/itself.) ‘Pro-stitution’ means with standing.

One or more (I got no I.D.ea, and its not important) of the Moi statues on Rapa Nui has been excavated all the way down to it’s feet, and found to be 85 feet tall. “That concludes they MUST have been carved out and brought into position by E.T.”… (sarcasm). E (all of creation) T (truth root) What’s the big deal? When main stream media report legal en-for-cement groups take the Alien threat seriously, what they really mean is, they fear who you really are, which is Alien to them. They fear you will let go of their legal name I.D.entity so that they no longer can take you down honourably; “in the NAME of the law”, which those who make the law must obey lead into their own catch 22; it’s illegal to use a legal name.

In David Wynn Miller'(s) seminar on syntax grammar he speak about a 300 miles long, 50 miles wide, and 30 miles high spaceship melting out of the ice in Greenland. (The colour green symbolize the colour of your True hear-t which IS now deaf-Rho-sting) Clo-Ba’al warning, yeah Right you are. Miller then con-tin-you(s); “This (space(ed) ‘ship’ caused the ice age”. (Meaning your hear-t lost contact with divine spirits infinite A-ka-chick record(ing) in the living field). MyLiar then goes on to (say); that the spaceships Alien crew, ‘The Moi’s’, put the Moi statues on Easter Island. (Yes Vie did.) Miller want YOU to use his new sin-tax tool to fight in the fictional fraudulent legal courts. He wants you to CO2 compensate for the spiritual sun/sons awakening, and stay enslaved. “By YOUR actions YOU are known”. Where Vie from observation can decipher Millers name in the reflection from its positive mirror, which will be negative. Remember it’s 4 mirrors, negative – positive * positive – negative, in a cross, where your only quests-ion is to obtain balance. By deciphering Millers NAME you can see he is one of the Nosferatu’s (“knows-fear-of-two’s” pharaohs “fear a hosts”, (“fear of us” / “Yes-Us”) of Egyptian /Roman /Swiss Admiralty maritime court banking under Legal religion. (David-divaD states his meat-stick to be hundreds of years old,) Miller uses I (says) instead of I say (Isay Y/why), I saiD Duality, (where Vie say Dual-eye-tie) (he uses this throughout the seminar. “Say” means ‘all of creation’, because in the beginning there was the ‘word’, which is sound, which IS all of creation spirit infinite.) He (says) he is a 92’nd = (911) degree fee ma-sonic, and that he own the courts (the cour-t, heart’s (crucified) where whenever he enters one, with his fictional legal syntax grammar CONTRACTS. (so watch out, stop your idol whore-ship-ing and be your guardian of your own hear-t). He states he is the King of Hawaii. lol Not so anymore, Haw-aii/Have-eye’….. yeah right, and use your freeking Ears…

David / Tavi(t)… (Tavi-stock In-sti-Tut(e), (Tut anc amen, stock and birth bonds) Tavistock institute) Wynn… W(double you) Y (why) NN (double possessive) Miller Mi-El-El-error) ) That’s enough, the Guy is a fraud and a vampire. Don’t waste your time on any of his or anyone else’s legal bullshit. You will never see the Truth while still mentally attached to the legal name idollatry even if Miller punk-(t)-you-ate-his name. The same goes for EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERY fish-ink’t one in the ‘truth’ con-spiral-sea movement who will not share the truth about the legal name fraud. Look into this mirror M/e-du-sa, and you WILL turn to S-Tone.

In 1947 (1911), Heyerdahl sailed from Peru to the Tuamotus, French Polynesia in a pae pae raft (paed, paedophile, (child, boy preferably), Listen to; The Riddle of the Sphinx) File / (“Pedo-File” Birth Certificate register / registered and Filed in “The Book of The Dead”… pae pae / PaPa Pope Triple Crown Corporation. TREMENDOUSLY “Three men do us lies”, is figurative for the Mayor of City of London B.A.R., The Pope, and the President of the United States… figuratively. W-hear ‘the three little pigs’, Donald Duck’s three nephews, The three bears, Three Musket-heirs, “Tre bukkene bruse”, The three wise men, The three kings, the Pope(s) tri-(a)-Ra crown, the shrine of the three kings sar-cophag-uses etc., etc., is allegory for the t-ripp-el (a new one) crown corporation. All fairytale’s of book’s who have all the answers,… all the feared black magic book’s, the library in Alexandria, the Vatican library, is ALlEGORY and pertains to the PHONICS in ALL languages, while in particular phoenix in Angel-ISH language. No one is ruling this ‘planet’, where you can choose your true self, or the legal going ‘ons’ which you by now, know to be fiction. named KonTiKi / Con Ti Key (“with or without the key to life force”) from Peru (Per(u)- (duality) of u/you) to Tuamotus “Tua-mot-oss”, from the Norwegian saying; Liten tue kan velte stort lass” which ‘meaning’ translates “little strokes fell great okes” “The flap of butterfly wings”. Oaks /ox/bull stocks and human slave trade bonds. Tuatmos (“Two at Mos(e)’s book” KJV Legal. Tut (toot/dead) Ank Amoon, the black ‘heart and dead spy-rit’ of the PaRaMagnetic (silicone valley, in your hair) Titanioom moon orb).

Thor Heyerdahl sailed on expeditions in reed/read Pa-pyrus, rafts named Ra1 and Ra2 ,where both Ra’fts flagged the big ‘Japanese’ blood moon on the sails. Yes A-moon Ra is the chill-Dren of the night’s Egyptian moon god, not the sun god, which would be Set in their world. Legality is all about death worship, where the dead paperwork of Babylon’s whore and undead Pfearows go before anything that is alive, w-hear the fish-ink’t paperwork is all legality own….. ‘The Bat’s / vampires like to de-bat-e their opinions (opp-inn-i-noen / up into someone) on who they are going to bat-tle next to distract you from see-king inside yourself. The po-lie-tic-all de-Bat-ters that suck your lifeblood will now be destroyed by the N-Ibis-uru sun, son, Je-suis, I am, you.


The devil is in the details where the insane amount of literal de-tail in any his-story will spin you down down down until your left with a fish-ink’t Phd dip-low-ma. I got no I.D.ea of what will happen to you If you do not kack your ash off and take flight, while I am pretty sure you don’t really want to find that out ether. U-sing this phonics map of energy, you can navigate your ship as your own captain / Ka-Rho-tegn/sign. And remember a f-laming hear-t symbolize one awoken in consciousness of Truth…. staRE


Give them today their daily be-read

 spread the WORD.

RaPa Nui Deciphered

Rapa Nui Deciphered

RaPa Nui

The Phonics deciphering key used here will be yours when you open your hear-t, stop worshipping false I.D.ols, and accept the simple fact that;

‘It’s illegal to use a legal name.’

As with every movie ever made, the pro-du-ser-s of Rapa Nui have two main objectives in the way they present the story. One is the literal storyline, where they want to present to their enter-train-ment hungry audience a plausible areological theory to reinforce accepted mainstream his-story. While their other objective which is better called the sub-jec-thieve (occult) storyline which is well understood as allegories by those who prey on YOUR ignorance.

…many scholars consider the story of Rapa Nui to be either pure myth, or such a garbled version of real events as to be ultimately indecipherable.”


If you want entertainment read the Wikipedia version or watch the movie, if you want the Truth read on here;

Like all movies this is the story of YOU.

In the Movie they cut down all the trees on their island to excavate ‘statutes’ of ‘moi’ (me in French…Ego) Why cut down all the trees? Because everyone else does it. Legality must be called a religion in that it consists only of dead paperwork written by dead people, (anyone claiming a legal name is considered dead by their own consent both in creation and under legal law) and because of legality’s own funda-mental Maxim of law; “Legality is not reality”. Legality has 65 to 70 million laws on it’s book’s and that takes a LOT of paper to push around. Then you have envelopes and ‘bills’ which are merely legal state-ments/minds never a true bill. Land’owners’ cut down their trees to pay those fictional bills. Where in any and all case ALL liability LEGALLY, fall upon the owner of the legal name which is NOT you. Add advertising, to please the dead whore of Babylon’s commerce system and you get the id-ea of the amount of dead trees needed. And no, hemp paper or electronic doc-your-ments does not solve the problem, neither does a reset of the system which is still belief in legal fictions instead of what IS-Real.

The movie; Noro and Make are both in love with the same woman, Ramana, (Ram-anu…. the high mind (Ram) of your highest ‘mind’, your hear-t (Anu)

The ‘masculine’ characters NAMES Noro No-Rho (no spirit breath, no calm, no peace) and Make Ma-key (magnetic/cause/Chi) has to be put in the mirror to match the two characters ‘personalities’. (you have to swap their names in that Satan’s hell (sam-hell-et) is a mirror image of heaven). No-ro and Make can represent two brain halves if your stuck in ‘meatstick’ physics and Make can represent the True self vs. the ego demon…. ‘Noro’. All males and females are both feminine and masculine. Ramana represent the True hear-t, cour, spirit. Can you see which ones that ‘Make’ a perfect match? Make means hus-‘bond’ (which is stock) in Norwegian… bondage.

The love between Noro, now Make… and Ramana, are taboo according to the high priest.

Of course it is, and that was the whole point of the broken legal mother board, planet legal is the trash bin right about to be emptied. Evil must by it’s own free will be allowed to destroy itself. That is ‘evolution’ where only what IS-real is eternal….. and this IS why demons can NOT be given creative power of their own, and must use copyright, i.e. Birth Certificate, paper, which burn right well in hell.

A ‘human being’ is nothing BUT energy, feminine and masculine are polarities of energy, and that is why one ‘human being’ is called one ‘in-divi-dual’… one divided / ‘divi-dead’ and conquered individual, if he/she/you believe to be a dead piece of legal paper.

This is also why NAMES, that be considered legal, written in capital letters or not, names in any way shape or form, where just a fricking SOUND uttered to Policy Statutes enforcers or in court is assumed to be the individuals name. The same goes with uttering or accepting ANY LABEL, I.e ‘human being’, freeman, the living etc., et al….. By app-hearing on ‘summons’ to court you prove to the B.A.R. you are the delusional Demon. ‘No Name’ is NOT a free card to be a criminal, where the only True law is; do no harm. You did not commit the initial fraud, that deed rests upon the criminal paedophile Crown Corporation City of London/State B.A.R…. ‘Initial fraud’ do you see? ‘Initials’ of above Corporation NAME could be CCCL or just as well CCCP since they have always been under the same Corporate umbrella, and the fact that all nation names, borders, islands names etc., are legal terminologies from the B.A.R City of London’s world atlas)

So what we are doing now is R.I.Ping the B.A.R a new one instead of;

‘RaPa Nui’ (having ripped/raped the k-new I, which IS ‘the third eye’/I….. the REAL you)

In the movie they state Rapa Nui means the heart of the earth. Easter island is situated in one of the most remote locations on the earth. As a legal namer you are re-con-ed ‘Lost at sea’ and dead by your own consent under Admiralty Maritime legal law. That is a long swim home, while all it really takes is a change of mind. Amen Ra and pope PaPa Rape Nui are NOT the heart of the earth because that is you, your True cour, core, hear-T.

The literal story continues with two classes of people on Papa Nui which like mentioned is an allegory for you and ‘plan-it Legal’. Long Ears; B.A.R. Members, Short Ears; non B.A.R. Members. Long Ears are marked by large wooden plugs through their ear-lobes (allegory for wooden poles through the robes of Nosferatu’s scribes and parasites, priests/judges/lawyers/bankers in and of the doomed Vampire of Babylon’s whore BECAUSE they would NOT REPENT! / Re-Pen-Truth, they would not take up the pen/mind and make things right in telling the Truth.

Long Ears have a certain Inc’ed tattoo, (B.A.R.card’s, the ‘highest’ of the e-lite-s use Anno Mundi calender, and under them you have Myndi(G)Heter, Govern-ment/mind), Long Ears where the ruling glass.

The working-class Short Ears, have no ‘ear plugs’ to understand how Satan’s legal control matrix works on Sound, which is Phonics. Without you accepting that everyone was screwed by the Legal Name Fraud you continue to spellbind yourself and every innocent child under the evil Dark Sorcerers and re’create’ yourself according to their definitions.

Short ear slaves have a different tattoo, It is an in Inc Birth Certificate in Anno Dum-in-ai ‘Book of the Dead Ka-lender.

The Birdman competition

Nine young men from each LONG EAR tribe compete in the annual Birdman Competition. (They are selected from Long Ear ‘heirs’, not ‘elected’ through Short Ear votes.)

The objective for the competition is for the young men to become grown up worry-heirs, literally. The allegory of the egg they have to collect is to see if they can protect their sworn oat to the Crown Corporation and ma-sonic brother hood with all legal trickery available to B.A.R. members. Humpty Dumpty could not be put back together again. The Legal Name Fraud has long since been cracked.

Mark 10:51 (KJV)

And Jesus answered and said onto him, What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? The blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my sight.

Exodus 20:13

Thou shalt not kill.

The KJV bi-bull is pure legality, where Moses and Abe-Ra-ham can allow murder if you wear the right sort of uniform, and adultery, idolatry, if you file the right statute forms. Do NOT KILL means do NOT eat from the tree of life, meat, fish, birds etc. And there because of meat and burger industry goes the rest of the trees on your island, including YOUR Tree of Life. You want fast easy understandable Truth, which you then want some FRAUDULENTLY elected DELUSIONAL politician to implement for you, not gonna happen… And you want fast food because you are to busy with ass-spects of your sport and legal RELIGION.

KJV Revelation in reverse is another matter, it is not fictional legal law, it is natural law and just simple logic. https://kateofgaia.wordpress.com/revelations-revealed/

Make’s sense now Rho-Ve staRE

The Julekalender Decoded

Luke 1

The Julekalender Decoded

By using “den store klokeboken” which is Phonics.

The series was released on World AIDS Day December 1, 1994. “AIDS and the Family” how nei-se!

Episode 1, Luke/hatch number 1 opens in the crypt…

Will you stay in the crypt according to church/state tradition and open 23 more? Will you let your children do it? That is the quests-ion.

Luke 1

Luke 1:1 (KJV)

Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us,

The Nisseman Game-El-nock, literally ‘Old Enough’ lives hidden (occult) in a cave underground. Game(of)-el-knock is in need of a KEY to rewind the music box that keeps him alive. Nissemen have BIG EARS to hear the Phoenix from den store klokeboken / The book of life. He sends for the Nissemen Fritz, (who has the ugg-lie-st clothes and the longest ‘face’. This allegory goes so deep as to the root of all of creation, so lets just say for now; won’t he be surprised!) Hansi, and Gunther (who wear a uniform full of idolized m/e-dal’s) to get the key for Gammelnok. The key is hidden in the only other cave that wasn’t found by the ‘evil’ nå-så-en-det / now-saw-one-E… where E means ‘all of creation’ sound. The nissemen (The Travelling Strawberries / Straw(man)B.A.R.ries) sing a-Kapell-a where a=Christ mind, and Ka = spirit personified, so let the dead bury the dead, and move on.

Meanwhile on the little farm in T-røn-der-lag Olaf Sand’s / O-Laugh’s wife transgender Gjerterud Babbles-on and on and on and on… it is an allegory for ‘The whore of Babelon’ the way she’s Babbling on. O-Laugh (now you fucking moon-keys) replies in ‘T-røn-der-sk’ Dia-lek-T:

”Det e bærre lækkert”…

Bok-mål: “Det er B.A.R.e lekkert”…

English: “It’s just del-i-ci-ous”…

Swedish: “Det är B.A.R.a under-B.A.R.t / Läck-Ra”…

Ola pottit… bonden Sand/sant sjøl get a phonecall from one who want to buy potatoes: “jau that will be about 150 Crown’s ehh, lets say 200 (duality) and no tax no, because that isn’t profitable.

Luke 2:1 (KJV) (2 in 1)

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.

The evil ‘Nå-Så’ Benny is a travelling ‘salesman’ in socks and shoes, and the nissemen do the”Støvel Dance” ‘boot hill’ dance, Feet (duality), Pisces, triple Crown, Vatican, City of London/State and Washington DC.

The nissemens air plane propel is broken, who’s gonna spin you now?

O B.A.R.ack Obumber.

Luke 2:2 (KJV)

(And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

Now the Nå-Så saw in the mirror and nåså alle nåsåene nåsåen

Have a looke in the mirror because it has been you all along.

Didn’t I sure fuckin tell yah!


”Olaf, æ står under mistelteinen” Mist El Tegn / Sign

Ready to be kissed and embraced.

Will you go

”Bob. . bob. . .bob”

Or will view embrace God which means Truth.

Gjerterud and ‘Hjerte-rud’ sounds exactly the same phonetic-ally as Hjerte in ‘Norwegian’ which means Heart / Hear-T / Hear Truth. Only Gjerterud’s heart has the ‘G’ struck through it. (The G, the hex, the ‘spell’). The fact that Gjerterud is transgender just means that we are ALL transgenders, where sex is in between your legs, while SE-X/gender….. is in between your ears. The Gamete (embryo) is female in the womb the first 45 days. The Gamete Intrafallopian Trans-Fer ‘G.I.F.T.’ belongs to the B.A.R. under Copyright, because your parents gifted ‘your’ NAME, physical body and SPIRIT to the Crown Corporation when they Sign-ed the Birth Registration. This is some serious she-T. This is THE ONE KEY/Chi to LIFE/Chi:

“It’s illegal to use that legal name.”

Have some GløGG Ben-ny… NOT a good I.D though. Image of Benny the evil Nåså after drinking alcohol…


Mark 10:51 (KJV)

And Jesus answered and said unto him, What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? The blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my sight.

…. ~Ohh it’s hard to be a nisseman~ … tell m/e about it…..

Pull off the woolhat cove-ring your ears and eyes from the cold war. U-se the k-new third I/eye, the true self, not the I.D-ent-i-tie to see what IS-real where

The B.A.R.’s own Maxim of law states;

‘Legality is not reality’


It is a religion.

End Off.

Much Rho-Ve staRE