“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

 -Aristotle 384-322 BC


Juust have to love the-se old Farts of wisdum.

The Phi-low-so-fears of an-chi-ent his-story.

“The energy…”:  ennerGy,  inner key, inner Chi, inner life force…….

Remove the hexed G and replace it with K or C

we have ener-key/ener-Cy, (phonetic) the key/chi/chy sound gives ener/anar-chy.

Anarchy means ‘rule of the mind’.  

Chi, chy, cy, si, sy, psy, fi, phi, pfi, ans, ant, ent, ment ALL refer to the ‘mind’.  

“…the mind…”: Your mind can be ruled by You/U,

or it can be ru-led (Philled) by someone else.

Your free will choice.

You/U for Uni-verse, Universal, Uni-Phi-ed, Unity, UNited.

The U is YOUR holy grail.  It can be seen in the top half of the letter H.

H represents a balanced, U-nified mind, in christ-consciousness, as these titles attempt to convey:

His/Her Majesty, H-ans/Hennes Majestet.

While the letter ‘n’ is the bottom half of H and can be seen in

Nautical, Navy…admiralty/maritime themes…

as navel/naval, semen/seamen/sailors, rope and knot the little nipper’s natal U-mbilical cord!


To the ‘Nth’ degree…

…which is magnetic angles/angels of the mind.

There are also many, many, more sounds, sonics, phonics, fun-hicks meaning ‘mind’.

because it`z ion s, make-netic consciousness Is creat-ion,

the “essence of life” Anu = Heart and we hear the anu on the way to An(u)archy…

anu-ar|ra-chy – annunaki – anun-na-key – anu-arch-chi,

the chi/key to the Heart, the H = a bridged/arched link to the divine feminine goddess of life force/chi,

though this kind of chi is not found in items labelled


Amun RA/right ascencion, a-scene-c-ion…

Meaning the heart of the sun/son rising in the East.

Right brain, hig-her mind, Phi-neal clan…….

Heart over mind(`s thoughts, – Toth sss)

Mind O-ver(ely) matter (motter – mother)

The wor(l)d is a stage

And by your act-ions you will be now`n.

-The energy of the mind is the essence of life-

es-sence, flow through the 5 senses of/for, electric effect.

5 is Of/for Phi-sic-all life

Life mirrored is efiL, e-Phi-El, e-fill…

Live mirrored is eviL (evi(g) Liv = eternal life)

Love mirrored is evoL (evol-ve, ve from French verily… truth)

Evolut-ion from Revolut-ions, Rave-olut-ion, Radi-ating-volum-ion.

Revolutions ,Universes r-evol-ving cycles, without the C, see, note of love.

In mind of love.

Minds key.


A Will To Live

Aristotles 384-322 BC

384. 3+8+4=15=6

322. 3×2=6+6=66

= 666=18=9 consciousness

BC can be Ophiucus in the note of Love (C is the musical note of love)

B =13 (if you expand it open) and is a representation of 

Ophiucus (O-phiucus), the 13`th warrior.

The open O-vail of creation with phi (mind), u (holy grail) cus which sounds like

 ‘Qus’ – ‘Q’ which is the ‘O’ of creation penetrated/impregnated/seeded with semen’s

in-tent-ions, in 10`th ions

10 = X , X ion, (Zion), in IO ion, in XP ion,

XP/ExPired/EX-Phi-Re-d ion

Chi Rhoo ion

Aristotles (dual-Aye tie)

Ari-(an race)s-to (two) t-(crucifict-ions) less




legal ID-entities


Mind control structures




oct pyramid







With thanks to Ninja Bambi (editing).

For the link to this on my writings page, click here.


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