Hidden Meanings Between The Zodiac Sign ‘Cancer’ & ‘Cancer’ The Disease and The Name Fraud.

Hidden Meanings Between The Zodiac Sign ‘Cancer’ & ‘Cancer’ The Disease and The Name Fraud.

Zodiac Cancer

To Just/ice and Be/redd-skap(e)s Mini/stir                                      Stardate 7777

Anders Anundsen                                                                                             KrekOrion 07072014

The bidding day for the second foreclosure on the second CROWN property I/the living/Eye was occu-Phi-ing was set to September 21 2012 on the equinox where the sun dips into the Libra/Libro/Library of your dead fictional legal regulations, into what YOUR unholy church of the Roman empire call hell, just on the cusp where the sun/son loses it`s glory to the longer nights you satan whoreShippers revel/led in;

The one Eye call mother arrived here under the zodiac sign of Gemini. On the 21 June 2014 she was diagnosed

with leukaemia. Eye now all about the capital crimes/fraud of the cancer industry and it is your very soul/Anders Anundsen that will be hell/d responsible if she is given treat-ment according to the American Cancer act., of 1938 or similar fraudulent treath-ment/mind protocols;

Eye will show you how all above, and be-lov/law(e) are no coin-side-ents and relevant to the final destruction of you/Anders Anundsen and the cyst-em you/Anders Anundsen sir-V:

Hidden Meanings Between The Zodiac Sign ‘Cancer’ & ‘Cancer’ The Disease and The Name Fraud.

Here the Zodiacal sign of CANCER, the disease known as CANCER, and how this ties into the NAME fraud are looked at using various methods of phonics, spell-busting, lexigramming, etc., with pure REVELATION.18.-intent.

Cancer is symbolised by the crab and it should in its correct position appear at the top of the Zodiac-wheel/h-Jul. (See Syncretism.)

This top position of the zodiac is also represented by the Greek god Hercules standing one foot in Gemini and one in Cancer ap-parent-lie pushing the two pillars Jachin and Boaz apart. In the mirror, however(and everything in this realm is mirrored), Hercules is actual-eye pulling the pillars together, to form the MAST(er), of your own bridged Christ consciousness ship/mind.

Ship backwards/mirrored is pihS like in peace (of mind) or Phi/S, your phi/bon/arch/y. Where «y» phonetically sounds like «why», it is your BRIDE(ged) left and right brain, your pineal gland, your divine feminine, golden mean tour-us field.

Jachin and Boaz is also mirrored where Jach/I/n, (the «n» makes it infinitely mine/yours, «I» eye aye Jack) represents the masculine left brain trying to kill the divine feminine right brain(represented by Boa/z) over and over again (because of ego programming and fear) like the serial killer Jack the Rip-Her (he was of royal mon/arch/y remember) as within so without and as above so below. The Boa znake «S» is your divine feminine heart/higher brain whispering wisdom like she did to Eve in the garden of Eden.

Correctly mirrored, Eve represents the masculine and Adam the feminine. Men are therefore really the feminine –«Phi/min(mind)/I-eye/n-mine/e-electric(effect)» and women really the masculine – mask/Ur/line(age), like in shipping line, maritime law etc. This is why priests and judges (the Roman cult of sun/Whore/Shipper, pimps) dress like women, and this is why it is imperative you listen to

Solved! Egyptian Secrets: The Riddle of the Sphinx and Creation of Demons.

before, like the dog(tag) you are, doing any more of your ‘masters’ biddings/death beddings.

Cancer represents the nurturing, motherly, caring aspects because the sun/son is in it`s highest position on 21 June, «giving» life and photosynthesis. The sun is also at it`s apehelion a/Phi/e/lion on this date (furthest away from earth) The Roman (Egyptian)holy/whole-lie empire snatched the powerful sign of CANCER to rule the world, and they chose the same powerful symbolism to scare the shit out of us with the non-mysterious illness/ill-ness/lock-ness cancer. ‘Ness’ means to be in a state of K-NOW-ing.

However,this top-of-the-zodiac-Jul position has been hi/JACK/ed by the Patriarchal/pa-TRI(ck)-arch-al System/cyst-em/cyste/m because as you will see, most zodiac-wheel/jul images present Cancer in a flip-mirrored position, incorrectly, at the bottom, which has the add-dead effect of confus-IO-n to those studying the zodiac as this position is not in line with nature.

The word for the zodiac sign of CANCER in Italian is CANCRO.

CAN-CRO suggests CAN(t) and CRO(wn). CANT means to enchant, to cast spells with the voice, i.e. to speak an in-CANT-ation. CRO (wn) is the intent to conquer our own ‘Crown’ (our crown chakra/pineal gland) by the control system/old CROw/CROwn corporation fictions. From CANCRO we also get the Egyptian «ANC/ANKh» symbol, and KAN«KRO/K», KROK in Norwegian mean «in a corner» and also a HOOK, like in a bait-dead/debate-head piscean FISH hook.

The word for the zodiac sign of CANCER in Hebrew is SARTAN.

SARTAN, SATAN (your car(de)nal Lower/Love/r mind), Tarzan kink of the junk/EL

The word for the zodiac sign of CANCER in Latvian is VEZIS

VEZISka piscis (vesica piscis) meaning the bladder of a fish or the intersection of two circles/Sir-cles the symbol of pisces icke religions. Cles in French mean «Key» while a «Sir» is a fuckface falsely be-lie-ving he has authority over others.

The word for the zodiac sign of CANCER in Dutch is KREEFT / KREEPS

Gives you the creep`s, in Norwegian a «kryp» is a squirmy sneeky sna/key creature.

The word for zodiac sign of CANCER in Russian is PAK

PApasy, PApa, PAdre, PAtriarchal, phallis, penis, PAK-man.

The word for zodiac sign of CANCER in Norwegian is KREPSEN

«Å krepere» in Norwegian mean to Wither «wit/Her», the right brain, away.

The word for zodiac sign of CANCER in Swedish is KRÄFTAN

Sounds like kreft-an. In Norwegian kreft is cancer the acidic/aye-see-dick-environment-thriving fungus. Kraft = power,kraft-en = «the FORCE» LUCKY/loki/Lookee LUKE.

The word for zodiac sign of CANCER in Greek is “Καρκίνος (karkinos)”

Phonetically meaning KA (spirit) KI (key) N (mine) O (sphere or oval of creation) S (divine feminine kundalini).

With your CAR/KA KEY hi-JACK-ed by MAL/Mall/m-ALL intent you need to remember who you are, and that YOU are IN the CAB/KAB of ALLAH/alle/ALL CREATION and YOU are your own KEY/CHI.

«Zodiacal» mirrored or backwards is lacaidoZ – Lack a ID Oz. So you better lose your ID-entity in this kinkdome of OZ|ZOO Oz (Oz.Ounces) where your SOUL has been weighted/weighed and measured.

Have a nice re/psyc/ling sci-klus the next 25 920 years.



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