Legal admiralty banking system

Sugar and Nestle After Eight Mint Chocolate

I was pondering the reason for all the fear out there, so was

having some phun with these facts Fa-keys using phonics and spell bustin.


‘ness’ mean to be in the state of knowing, no-wings, no-win or Now Win

that is entirely up to you, if you are willing to stand in truth for all of us or not.

Again, the alphabets 7th and newest letter is G which is ‘H’ – ‘eta’, in the Greek alphabet, the god number, 7, ‘H’ eta depicts bridged brain halves in chist consciousness). The letter ‘G’ has replaced the letters ‘C’ and ‘K’ inserting someone elses unwanted intentions into our reading and writing. We have been spellbound and hexed

hex (heks means ‘wich’ in Norwegian, No-way-G-‘ans'(mind)

Wiches chanting / can`t-ing spells, spell blinding / binding, bonding you.

Also remember that from a neutral position ‘of view / of you’, you can see both the positive and a negative polarity and your own standpoint in everything at once.


Replace the vovel ‘e‘ in N/e/stle for a ‘o‘… n/e/s, n/o/s, nose, now`s knows.

Nese means ‘the nose’ in Norwegian. Eyes to hear, Ears to see, and nose to bust, or create…

Cleos nose

The nose connects directly to the Heart chakra,

Heart`s energy/enercy/anarchy center, which is ‘Fa’,

the 4th tone of the musical/sonical/phonical scale.

The 4th tone from the 4 chambers of the heart…

(4 th tone in manifested electric effects matter tone scale).

The heart note ‘Fa’ is the 1st note in Spiritual magnetic cause though,

because magnetic intent-ion always starts in the heart, with you, the one, the one-‘ness’.

Magnetic tone scale

Fa – So – La – Ti – Do – Re – M/E

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7

Do – Re – Mi – Fa – So – La – Ti

Electric tone scale

Nest-LE, the nest of ‘EL’ (el the Egyptian ‘god’ of electric effect) circ-el, churh-el

the E-‘G’-EL`s nest, The Eagles nest.


The state of knowing-ness crucified (T) in electric effect illusions polarity

All sugars and especially refined white Su-G-aR metabolizes into Glucose in your body which fills up the hypotalamus in your brain and makes you a nervous little obe-die-ent working slave.

slave labour

Al-co-hole metabolizes into sugar – about a kilo per bottle of Wisk-eye – which again turns into G-luck-o-see. You can see this to be true when you are feeling not fully so tough in your face, the mornin after drain-king alcohol.

Mothers breast milk contains cannabinoids which also fill up the hippotalamus in the brain. These natural cannabinoids repair brain neuron functioning, and are very similar to cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

In Norway we say ‘god natta’ (good night) or short ‘natta’ (nighty) to our kids and each other before we go to sleep… and it has been a long sleep…

In ‘Natta’, you can flip the N left and it then turns into a Z, ‘Zatta’, mirrior the Z and you have a S, ‘Satta’. Nat(t)a backwards is ataN,

That’s two ways of getting the word ‘Satan’ from ‘natta’… n-aHa

S-attaN with the double crucifiction ‘t t’ which is the double-crossed, betrayed, broken up H ‘eta’, the seventh letter (the god number) of the Greek alphabet. H is right and left brain halves bridged in christ consciousness.

Coincidents of course…coin (money, mon-ey, moon-eye, mono-eye)-cide (to kill)-ents (minds).







Heart and Mind in unbalanced polarity

After Eight Mint Chocolate, established 1962=18=9 consciousness,

advertised on TV since 1963=199=911 consciousness in polarized duality

999 always reverts back to 9, consciousness.

Mirror 999 and you get the satan-whore-shippers 666 which is the negativly polarized misunderstood electric effect

666=18=9 consciousness

After Eight

In the daily 24 hour cycle of the Zodiac the planet Mars…

(the red planet, red, root lowest chakra. Romans planet of war.)

…rules the sign of Scorpio / Score-Phi-O the two hours After Eight, from 08:00pm (20:00), to 10:00pm (22:00),

Where the planet Jupitor, YouPeeThor, Jupiter, Jew-peter, St. Peter

rules Saggitarius from 10:00pm (22:00) to 00:00 midnight


Planet Saturn takes over and rules the sign of

Capricorn from 00:00 midnight to 02:00 am


along with it`s father ‘Heaven’ Uranus, Saturn rules in the sign of Aquarius from

02:00 am to 04:00 am.

Sat-Urn is Lord of the rings, old Chrono-s the time keeper


Mint is an acid-based hybrid plant

Pepper Min-t, mind, ment(h)-al, Mynt-e (coin) Royal Mint



Choke the Universal Law of Ti, scales highest note ‘Ti’ the note of Love.

Ka-Ka-O (cacao with no sugar) on the other hand, can mean twin Spirit (Ka) in oval of creation (O) so why fuck it all up with sugar unless to spread fear?


Chi-(life force) Ka-(Spirit) La-Law,(Do Re Mi Fa So ‘La’ Ti), ‘La’ is Legal Law, the 6`th tone of the scale (in manifested electric effect), Six gives the Hex-agon, Hex-øgon, Hex the eyes) T-(crusifiction) E (elektric effect)

‘La’ is the 3rd tone in spiritual divine feminine magnetic cause, Universal Law, IO, 3rd tone trinity of; ‘her self / him self / it self’ which also is;

‘The ‘Fa’-t-her the M-o-t-her and the son/sun…

Fa (intent), M (magnetic, mag-dalena) and sun (el-ectric effect)

The Father, the son, and the (holy ghost which is mother)

Universal law of divine feminine spirit breath of creat-ion, IO, Star.

Star, Ster



cruci-Phi-ed in visual electric effect illusions

Su-G-aR | Ra-G-uS

7 – seven, is ‘sju’, phonetic ‘shu’ in Norwegian

Shoo-Shu-Sju (cha-sing something away)


Conscious devine feminine magnetic cause energy intent vibrating

resonent in resonance vibrat-ion-all octav/e of higher universal mind creation…

or in the lower octav of Octogon Swiss banking media circus, sir-curse



Re is the old name of the Egyptian sun god Ra


Ra ra

ance, ant, ent, ment… all refer to mind

‘Whats the free-queen-cy Kenneth’

Kenneth, key-net|ten X chi-eta(7), chi rho, XP, ihs, ye sous, Zevs, Jesus

Cy, sy, psy, fi, pi, phi also refer to mind

What Octave are you on?

Octagon Octav-On

pCy-co creation to infinity 8

Who`s the boss?

whos boss

Palace, phallis phallos penis etc., refer to mind

Octogon Octav-off…

Phi (golden mean ratio) Co-Creat-ion of unconditional Love




Phoenician Spells….. by kate of gaia

Hooked By Phonics …..by kate of gaia

Phoenician Starter Kit by kate of gaia


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