Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

Found tank you, in you` th iss

Phoenix rising from the ashes

fla-ring from top

u/v Fornix


p-uri-Phi-ed true UR

kid-nis | sin-dik

it` s Both minds

of = u/v ultra violet

him self / IT SELF / her self


KEY- ‘D’

to re-g-ain con-trol

so that

reg-i-ster Kan` t chant in control

u/v your dic doc child-hood my-ent mayan mind

zo that | taht oz

Re/Ra` s G` zevs ain` t I/eye n troll inc

u/v right half D, u/v creations sphare O` z magnetic causee


Ma-king it in-fin-at-El-y why mine


si = say, mind

say say

Divine feminine virgin goddess u/v creation

Kid 9 | 9 diK

Kid consciousness | ssensuoicsnoc diK


sense ur sphare in C note u/v Love, S kundalini noc/snok/snake

sphare/share | eras reed fear

erase eras rid/red ph-ear in

age u/v Aquarius era u/v Urinus

nus nose heart

cleo rival


obelix sphinx

ness knows

Cleos nose

sphinx nose

magic cauldron

magic potion

Solved! Egyptian Secrets: The Riddle of the Sphinx and Creation of Demons.



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