Truth lies in the mirror

Truth lies in the mirror

Mirror | rorriM

ror-rim er / is rhyme rudder

in the ice cold waters of

The Temple B.A.R.s merry time§ lies crucified by

The fucking lies of Admiralty maritime bankings legal law jurisfictions

Rho of Ra Magnetic u/v iou

Talk Talk


The Color of Spring


I don`t believe in you

~When the fun is over~

(for the bar and media whore)

~Where do words begin~

(when we use the s-word to

slice and dice e/m words revealing the hidden truths)


Thank you Ninja Bambi

for the Ninja Bam-b`ism you served by the dinner table yesterday

it became the title for this little revel-at-ion

«Truth lies in the mirror»


Thank you Kate u/v Kaia


Babylon is Fallen

ent iou

not yieldin an INCH


‘You can not lie down with dogs without catching fleas.’

Dog | goD

f-leas | sael-f


F-‘lies’ | ‘seil’-F


s(e)il = s(a)il

‘e’ is the sixth letter and six in the mirror, ‘a’ is 9 in the mirror

and consciousness u/v eye ‘I’ the ninth letter

69, yin yang

com-arse for sale

lies | sail

sei phonetic = seg = self

seg selv er = it self is

seg selv lik




sei-er = victory

24/7 = 6 + 7 = 13 – B see/sea C Thirteen BC – 3 10

Euphicus the thirteenth warrior of the zodiac with bridged brain halves balanced in quad polarities and united in the trinity of

him self / her self / it self

U`r consciousness (9) u/v X, the oneness 91

10CC, 111 key to Chi


trinity united

in unit-I, u-ni-t-eye, u-ni-ti, your nine ten

910 | 019



9+1+1=11 | 1+1+9=11


divide 22 by 7 and get the true Pi = 3,1428571 with the decimals repeating to in-fin-i-ty ‘8’ Octogon admiralty maritime world banking

7+ 2 = 9 + 2 = 11 = 9 and 11

911 New York

22/7 Oslo

311 Fukushima

77 London and Oslo

Fractals of solar cycles staGed in false flag cointelpro operations outside of you

to distract you from looking inside for answers.

“Det va som bara sju-tton!”

(Swedish express-ion of surprise)


“It was like just seven-teen!”


Self inflicted spells like «Damn!» or

“I`ll be damned!” etc.

C-Ra-zy I know… but S-we-dish-ed

and the letter ‘H’ we break up in ‘tt’ and ‘lol’ adding the oval of creation O in lOl for someone elses in-tent-ion to fill in

Seventeen, sjutton, 7+10

The seventh and newest letter of the Western Arabic alphabet is G, while the

seventh letter in the Greek alphabet is H phonetic ‘ETA’ – IHS

inverted ihs


Shi, She, her, Chi, IO the divine feminine goddess of magnetic creation

Seven is the number of god

the seven stars of the play-ID`s con-stall-at-ion

the seven sisters of the Vatican



Chi Rho


P is also the symbol for electric effect, ‘watt`s’ in Ohms law

O ‘HMS’ Law

O Hans / H/ennes M/ajestet, O H/is / H/er M/ajesty

Som sjutton! 7 ton = 7 x 1000 kg. Kilogram, Key-low, Chi-low-G-Ram

7,000 in Roman numb-e-ring is VII, (VII with an overscore not underscore like shown here) while M is one thousand, a ton.


(still with overscore, wordpress do not have that feature)

V = five (phi-sic-al life, 5 apparent electric senses) II – U`r H divided in two, duality with sjanghaied M magnetic.

(P = effect watts, U = volt-age volt, and I = current, amps (In Norwegian)

effect is

VM = verdens-mester-skap (skap = closet, box). VM = World Champion-ship(mind) shipping

Sport | tropS

Co M en ta Thor

A sucker for Vatican Crown soccer, sukker, sugar


foot ball

fools ba`al


You see B – 13 on the Left side ent S feminine kundalini and Father on the Right

Mirror it to make it right, balance it and light the pineal cland in heaven Urinus

‘You can not lie down with god without catching self’

Catching EGO self – ‘KATCHING’ – KA- (spirit) T- (crusified in truth of creation) CHING self’

Because U ARE god

I Ching

!i, 69, yin yang

eye Ching




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