Lines drawn in the sand

Lines drawn in the sand



All e-core I/eye er/is

is pre-sent – electric effekt u/v Macnitic in-tenth-ion

for d-script-ion u/v so-m/ethin ok-kult with a deeper m/e-a-nin

‘e’ phore electric, is 6 in the mirror, and d 5th letter of the alphabet 5 + 6 = 11 ‘1-1’

d psyfer ‘6’ is 9 in d mirror, and so is letter d, 9 is consciousness

macnitic/electric, tha core in all and everything,

like majic, is another point of you/view

which is another poit of m/e

in sincularity u/v

I Am that I Am

Is simply Is


~ice ice bab-y~

~eyes eyes bay-b~

Lines snorted by The Sandman



All-e-core-eyes are not to be taken

bok-stave-lik b-cause that`s litter-all.

U`r core – kjerne, hub – nav

in van-e | e-Nav ni

In Vin-O-Wine


‘All in’ tax-us


‘alt inn’ sakre-sesti-er

Vat, skatt, moms, mums

Mohms on

J-aims Bond-dead’s HMS

serve-IS-IS skint-S M/E

bo-Ra-cic flint-S me / Ra-Ka black

Khem-i-call eye cleaned

in s-PharO`s creation

shakcles for shekcles

legal for ley call



divine feminine spirit breaths

vircin goddess u/v creation


HMS triple Crown lethal law liktor

add-eye-thieves Roth-shield ents

Ra-Ka-Pharos shiny electric effects

Hub | buH

buuuh huu buu!i

ra ra ra, ra ra ra!i!i!!

where ‘h’ fli-p.s. to ‘y’… why?

Because everythin her-e is mirrored

mind U

B/13-cause tha

colors u/v iour seven tones

from tha

sonics u/v ur seven seals

in | ni

Ra`s Bow

Reign Buen

13rains 13ridge


is UN-ba`al-an-cent Ra-D-bru-kken ent

Broken in polar-eye`s-ed electric dual-lie-tied

in A-D-double Nelson Man-Dala-Lie-Ma



Have a nisee day

lots u/v love


Pdf file here


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