The Wall

Pink Floyd The Wall


The movie, is all about YOU not some troubled rock star descending into madness in the midst of his physical and social isolation from everyone.

Using mirror and phonics are keys to anagogically decode this ‘All the world is a stage’ which we are playing out in the now while the Pink Floyd character in the movie, did break all the mirrors in his hotel room when one of his (left) ‘turns’ was coming on.

Pink Floyd lost his fa-T-her in the war…

his fa-T-her carries both in the mirror, and in phonics, the feminine energy.

Fa-t-her where Fa, is the fourth note of the musical scale, and the first note of the four chambers u/v the hearts magnetic intent. T is the law of truth, and crucifixion. And her is obviously she/herself.

~Mothers gonna make all of your nightmares come true~

Let’s stay anagogic and not litter-all.

33 minutes into the film Pink Floyd`s divine ‘feminine’ ster/star comes up to him and says:

Do you remember me from the registry office?”

Pink Floyd can walk around as a kid and view himself at any age through his life, visit his own wedding etc. He can also walk in his fathers trenches in ww2 and while doing that he saw his father laying there dead, suggesting reincarnation, that he was his father in his previous life, or at least that reincarnation is…is.

Pink sees his divine feminine several times throughout the movie, one of them was when he was a kid at a dancing school where his mother danced.

She, his divine feminine ster/star was standing just across the dance floor but mysteriously disappears as Pink get up from his chair to go over to her. His ster/star always look the same age whatever age Pink is at, in his life, when he sees her.

In Pink`s mind his divine feminine has abandoned him and he imagines her as laying in bed having sex with another man. In reality Pink is the one being unfaithful by pursuing his life as a rock star and all that follows. You see in one scene, a whole wall built from fast expensive cars, houses, TV’s guitars, stereos and gadgets symbolising materialism.

~ And when I try to get through ~ on the telephone to you ~ there’ll be nobody home ~

Pink is not interested in women, he seem to despise them except for the one he tries to call throughout the movie.

The one who came to his bedroom, undressed and came into his bed, where Pink did every move to look past her to watch the football game on his tube.

The one who came up to him and said:

Do you remember m/e from the registry office?”

~He’s got 13 channels of shit on his TV to choose from~

He has become, comfortably numb.

Pink is numb al right, but in spite of his fame he is far from satisfied happy or comfortable.

In the cartoon sections of the movie which depicts Pink`s state of mind, the feminine always turns into a scary moon-ster. The monsters symbolize Pink`s own inner de-mon-s, ‘de mons’ mean ‘the of me`s’ in French. They symbolize his/our own fear of the truth, his own fear of having to take responsibility for his own actions, his own life… and death. The fear of facing the fa-key no saviour will come, the fact that no saviour died for his sins. Pink`s isolation is not in the physical and social, that is just a allegory for his isolation from the divine feminine in his spiritual life.

Blood is spirit

After the razor blade scene Pink is found in the pool on the roof terrass floating on his back arms stretched out where his spirit through blood in the waters of truth depicts his crucifixion in the truth of life.

~Come on it’s time to go~,

Pinks manager and crew breaks into his hotel room worried he can not make it to the show.

~ just a little pin prick ~ and you may feel a little sick ~

As the medic in his crew puts a needle in his arm, Pinks memories flashes back to the shot the doctor gave him as a kid and how he blames his mother for not being able to protect him.

~ just to make it through the show ~

Pink becomes really nauseous after the injection being dragged by his own crew through the hotel corridors and into his lie-mo-sin, where he on his way to the show became fully covered in something that looks like a slimy puke mon-key suit. He grabs the suit with both hands from the middle of his scull and rips it in two. Symbolising the division of his left brain from his right. He there then in the limousine emerges as a born again left brain ego maniac, self confident as hell, for being ‘THE bull-eye’ in the kindergarten. He marches with his troopers and enter the stage with dictator authority. A fe-raw-scious roth-chi.. rothweiler dog|god, is shown pulling on a leach before it is let loose on some albeit unconsciously criminal… in-no-cent/mind man.

When up on stage Pink is mean to his audience and order them clinged up against the walls, for being queers, for having spots, for not looking ‘all right’ to Pink`s standards.

Still his fans whore-ship him, screaming like false idol whore-shipers do, until some faint while the rest con-tin-u co-phi his gestures in true Nazi fascist style.

The groupie girl who who wants a glass of water, the one who asks Pink if he wants a glass of water, or a bath, sees Pink as he tries to leave his tour bus in the back stage area. She immediately approaches him carrying one of Pink`s albums and want him to sign with his autograph / signature / NAME on it, upon which Pink just immediately turn around and she follows him as he escape back into his fabulous room. Pink knew it back in 82, Lose the name, win the game.

The beautiful groupie girl who followed him in got nowhere in her attempts at seducing Pink who just got back to distracting himself with his channels of shit.

All Pink can think about is getting his divine feminine back,

the one in the regis/to rule – ster/divine feminine spirit goddess u/v creation, the one ster/star of creation-all powers. Who was freely albeit in ignorance, given away as a G.I.F.T when his mother signed the Crown Corporation’s berth regi-strat-ion, the goddess who later asked him:

Do you remember m/e from the registry office?”

The personification of Pink Floyd the band, is played by Bob Geld-off who obviously DO NOT like Moon-days… ‘I don’t like Mondays’ From the Boomtown Rats album ‘The fine art of sur/sir-facing’ which came out ‘nine ten seven ten nine’, same year as Pink Floyd The wall album. Nine-teen-see-when t-in-eye-nine.’ Moon-do Bon-go anyone?

Bob Geld-/Gold/Gjeld/mooneye on, was knighted ‘Sir’ Bob Geldof by the queen of England in 86.

‘Gjeld’ is debt in Norwegian, while ‘gjeller’ is ‘what goes around’, and ‘gills’ like on a fish swimming honourably in the maritime waters of piscean admiralty Roman fictional legal law.

Pisces / phi-sees / ISIS / eye sees

Of course that has to be a terrorist organ-i-sat-ion whore-ty of sending young men/women to die for…

~ Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? ~

Ve / for ‘verily’ which mean truth in French, even the Norwegian court rules has to be read in English or French.

Ra / Amen, Amun, A-Moon Ra, the god of the dead luciferian dead moon, whore-shippers;

Lynn / lying, lyn/lightning/

The suppression of creative minds and protest against the indoctrinating educational system with theTemple B.A.R judge -(hyperlink to Dart Wader writing coming soon)” surrounding Pink with the wall should be obvious enough for all to see.

~All in all we are all just bricks in the wall~

That we… no you ac-tu-ally, build around yourself in fear of standing in truth.

The wall was torn down exploding big time at the end of the movie which, anagogically always means in the NOW, because there is only the now. The only one holding you back is YOU! Live in truth NOW or forever lose your individual consciousness.

Masculine versus Feminine energies, in the mirror and some layers in phonics;

Feminine / Fe, ferro, iron – min, moon, mind – in|ni / nine/9 consciousness.

F can very well be a opened and mirrored 9, with room for putting in someone El-se`s in-10th.

While ‘P’ like in XP / ‘Chi Rho’, is a am-puta-ted R with someone else’s intent-ion put in for sure. P is also a mirrored 9 or 6 which are inter-dimentional, ‘enter dement/the mind ion all’ numb-ers along with number 3.

All is singularity where everything springs out from one source and have to return back, therefore all and everything has to have both positive and negative polarity in equal amounts. In balan-sing this you just accept and flow WITH creation. You are no longer ‘kjerringa mot strømmen’ / ‘swimming against the tide’. Which of course like with everything else is the opposite direction of what 99% of people be-lie-ve from their education. Where is one who swim upstream? Easy, you know where he/she is, in the same fucking place! Easy to control. And why is it kjerringa/the female who swim against the tide? Because she is the patriarchal electric energy in the mirror. And why is the male/Gubben hexed with a G? cu-bben,ku-bben, ju/jew-bben etc. Because the female creat-ion energy had to be suppressed by all means.


en/one – I/eye – luck – Sam… not so anymore…

One ill you see Sam, in the mirror. Enlil and En-ki/key/Chi

Masculine / mask-ur-lie-n / mA-school-lie / mas = chatter, nagging, mas-on, free mason

Ma, magnetic, – S, kundalini, – C, note of love, – U, universal, ur holy grail, – Cu, copper, conductive – cu / see your lies, layers upon layers.

Welcome to the magical kin-k-T-o-m/e u/v oz!




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