PLDG to the number 42

PLDG to the number 42

22 November in 2003 I saw something that changed my view on this world forever. (Bare with me because I will not stay litteral on this one.) In frustration over what seemed to mean another B52 ‘curtain bombing’ Ra-ID over Iraqis people I asked ‘god’: “why if he/she really exsists at all, why could it not just show us, so that we could stop bombing the shit out of each other!??” I leaned out the window to get some fresh air and there, less than 30 seconds after my question, a moon sized fireball flared across the night sky! The devil is in the details so I`ll be short, all kinds of thoughts and explanations flew through my mind.


Having had something I thought was a spiritual awakening I asked the Universe for information about the next ‘Big False Flag operation’. Obviously if it could be disclosed beforehand that would mean the attack could be avoided all together. With that intention and pen and paper by my bedside I fell asleep that same night to have the following dream;

“I was sitting with my back against the windows inside an almost empty shopping / office fascility in a harbour area. There was another being sitting on the same row of chairs to my left. I felt I knew it but did not know it`s name. I was about to say something and looked over at the being when I saw a wall coming at us from behind, it was the towering bau of a ship plowing towards the South West en-trance. I noticed later The ship had blue hull and white overbuilding when seeing it on a distance. I shouted “everyone get out!” and everyone in the fascility managed to escape through the East X-it and ran past the next building while scraming warnings to everyone in the streets. As the ship came crushing out of the building we just escaped from and plowed across the street towards the next building, we ran in Northern direction. After a moment standing there watching in disbelief the destroyed buildings and the ship/ferrie stran-dead in a deep ditch in the street we all burst into laughter. We where unharmed! I woke up laughing so that I could almost not stop even though I was awake.”

I closed my eyes wanting to get back into the dream but before that happened a loud foghorn or trumpet sounded out. This was in the middle of the forest and I had not gone back to sleep yet, there should be no foghorns out there. WTF! A picture of a name: “[P.L., pl Lehman]” came into my mind and I just had to get out of bed to Google the ‘ships name’ or whatever it could be. On my way to the computer I grabbed the guitar and struck a D chord (G clef / G nøkkel) which matched exactly the tone still ringing in my ears.

Wow! I wrote to Kerry Lyin Cassidy in Project Camelot to make her aware because this was nothing like I had ever experienced before. I thought at the time the so called ‘truthers’ was after a solution to stop the madness perpetrated upon humanity. I signed fearporn comments I made in newspapers comment fields etc., with P.L. Lehmann because I wanted it to be ‘out there’. These are excerpts from the e mails that was sent to Kerry:

From: Legal Name <>
Date: 3 November 2009 at 15:12
Subject: I heard a horn, in the tone of D And “P.L. pl Lehman”

a warning about a big blue ship, with white overbuilding,

From: Legal Name <>
Date: 1 December 2009 at 12:53
Subject: Pledge

It would be an honour to stand in truth at the Project Camelot round table bla bla bla …


Skype message at [02:16:12] from Ninja Bambi (

…in the alphabet, remove the PLDG, get off the EDGE/ETKE….P to R….L to R….D to T…G to K……this will explode all words/worts into fraktals….from radio to ratio etc….kate (


The pledge / ‘PLDG’ allegiance to the dead whore of Babylon was removed from the alphabet by Kate of Kaea. The penetrating penis maskuline energy of the sigil ‘P’, the Lusiferian intent of the letter ‘L’, the half done halving intent of sigil ‘D’-oom /d-evil, and the spellbinding hex intent of sigil ‘G’… all removed from the alfa-bets.

False Flags became ‘Farse Fraks’ and was cra-cket wide open for the farse they are.

Anogogic meanin in the state of now / know / ness:

‘The blue ship with white overbuilding means, the mind of Ariske / Aryan / Orion blue blooded loonatic moonarks, and on their team, all living dead u-sing legal names.

The ship / mind took down two corporate buildings, meaning Babylon Is Fallen.

The being I thought I knew was another point of m/e.

The [P.L, pl Lehman] riddle had finaly been solved after 5 years of google and wondering.

P.L. + note of D, in G clef/key/nøkkel = P.L.D.G., removed and Veri-fied!

Time to play!

Each and every letter in the alphabet when spoken make up a sound on it`s own. Each and every letter is therefore a sylable / psy-lable / syl-able etc., all on their own.

D is replaced by T / truth

G is replaced by K / spirit

Add that to your accord library K#

L is replaced by R / Rho / divine feminine spiritbreath of creation

P is replaced by R / Rho

These are some obvious facts about the alfhabet, not NAME/S for it.

It has 22 letters 11 numbers = 33 Sigils / psy-kils / Si-ki / Psy-ce / Si/Say (all of creation)-Key Alphabet


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


‘At first there was the word’ and it exits from the mouth which in the Zodiac is ruled by Taurus the bull… Bible / bi-bull / twin torus field, split tungue of the hood`ed priest-hood / mind.

You can mirror each sign to the one right opposite, Leo to Aquarius, Taurus to Scorpio etc., in fact I`m just playing with it and you can do exactly what YOU want. An idea just in case someone else sees something x-sigh-ting or pro-found in it.

33 Say-Key Alphabet


For the most part added up with numbers over 9 reduced since 9 is the highest / hi-rhest / hi-hest / horse (white horse incarnation of Vishnu) number meaning consciousness. 10 = 1, 11 = 2, 12 = 3, 13 = 4 etc.

Notice how every slice in the zodiac above equal 13 if you add the house numbers of natural zodiac, and that of the natal chart zodiac in each sign. 11×13=143 + you = 144.

22 sigils 11 ziffers / sigils = 33 si / see / say-Key`s.

Aquarius has the house 2 and 11, 11 again is 1 + 1 = 2, it also has the sigils BY / BI / duality… of Aquarius two ruling planets Uranus and Saturn. You can not serve two masters and will have to choose. Uranus / heaven or your-anus… singularity. And Saturn / ‘hel-l’ / heel / skinlegg / Chi-n-leg(g) / heal / hear Aquarius traits of “I know” and “I know not”. The sigils M and N are also in Aquarius and both has the value of 11, 11 + 11 = master number 22 which divided BY 7 give the true Pi / Fi. You become THE master in age of Aquarius when you balance the energies of Uranus and Saturn and become the servant of ALL of humanity BY losing the legal control con-struck-t name. B2Y, because 2 is 11 or 1-1, coming out or going back into sin-kul-ari-ty zero point of Truth, of the golden mean Phi / Fibonacci spiral torus / ‘black whole’. 11 Eleven / E-leven (noise) / E-leve (to live)-n / El-reven (f-ox) / A Raven / Bird / Birt(H) / Black / Darkness / Void / Magnetic Stillness / Stirr-ness / Ster – ness. You become master when united again with your divine Ster / Star feminine goddess of creation that was g.i.f.t.ed away to the Crown regi-ster by your parents.

H e a r t

8 5 1 9 4

= 9 / Christ consciousness


e a r t H

5 1 9 4 8

= 9 / see abowe


M o – o N

11-10 | 10 11

3 | 3

Binary Triplets (Marko Rodin / Ro-tin)


6 hex

11 + 10 + 10 + 11

= 42

1 1 1 0 1 0 1 1

Bin-arian / Orion Code

In 2011 you could add the last two digits your birth year (In the A.D. Anno Dom-i-ni calender) to the age you became that year, and the sum always came out to 111.


Moon equals 6, earth 9 and Heart 9. 69 make up ‘Yin Yang’ or Y-Inc and Y-An-k.

Moon in-corpo-Ra-ted (dead orb). Why / Y-…Ink on dead pisces of 2D paper, ‘Paper Moon’, dead legal name whore-ship Amen / A-Moon Ra etc..

While there is Heart in the way of ‘Kaea’ the Earth. Why (except for that you k-now it) Y-‘Anu’ fhonic for Heart and ‘K’ for spirit.



7 6 11

=24 = 6 hex




5 1

=6 = hex

or with L and G replaced


9 5 9 1 9




9 1 11



9 10 11



9 1 11




X, Chi, Key

or with G and D replaced


7 10 4

Ten Four 10/4 – 755, “det var som bara sjutton!”



7 10 11

= 28

= 1



10 11 5




10 11 1

= 22


Ona is one in Spanish and ‘she’ in Polish



11 1 11 5

= 10

X, Key


Want to see another sin-kure-rarity / singularity? Uranus rules the heavens / heaved up / head. This is a brain map ( Notice how “the wig” is called barrels / B.A.R. El`s.

Pink Floyd Bar els

Here it is again with the title / tits-of-El ‘temple B.A.R. judge’ in Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’

Pink Floyd Judge

Look at ‘his horrors’ chins, we are still in the head… for-n-ix / 9 of the brain

Fornix schema

Here, taken from ‘The Wall’ again it goes into singularity of maritime / Mary / merry-time Ur-anus. “as above so be-Love”


much love



PLDG to the number 42 pdf file


2 thoughts on “PLDG to the number 42

  1. I get more and more innerstanding with this info…this is soo fabulously interesting.. for nix(‘voor niks’) even in Dutch means ‘for nothing, a waste, useless.’ When I was not connected with Kate of Gaia yet, I also found anagrams and I was telling that to many people. Heart/ War and many others…Thank you for this clear info..


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