Render onto Caesar that which/witch is Sea/See-Sars

“Render onto Caesar that which/witch is Sea/See-Sars.”
Moonths of Julyus and Augustus han-dead back.

Full circle whether elliptic, conic or whatever, equals 360 degrees… not 365,242199. A 365,242199 day year is pure loony-psy/tie, a calender based on dead orb ‘amen’ a-moon moon-eye-t-ari whoreship of a long dead priesthood.

This Suns ka-r-enter ka-r-kure-atet by Kate of Kaea boasts 360 days, ten suns(months), 40 (weeks/weaks) strongs / stronks (hihi:), 9 days a ‘week’ 20 hours a day, 72 minutes an hour, and 72 seconts a minute. Now that we`ve have had the ‘second’ comin can`t see that as being a problem. This Suns ka-r-enter flows with the livin Uni-verse and sync with the Maya / Aztec suns ka-r-enters. Notice how the numbers run both ways in this zodiac make up 9 (consciousness) in every grouping of numbers. Numerology just got a twin turbo! Triple eight is in Kemini and Capricorn (Christ consciousness) Some beautiful symmetry going on here…

10 suns ka-r-enter with fsykirs

 10 suns ka-r-enter with fsykirs paint copyThe alphabet within the zodiacs explained in ‘PLDG to the number 42

This belongs to everyone and noone at the same time so expand anogogic and have fun.

 much rho-ve



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