A B C of The Big Bang

….”Little did you know upon entering this world about third party interlopers snatching your soul, body, and mind, through your A B.C., Babylonian langue-gage (tongue pledge), and A Birth Certificate Copyright Contract”….

A B C of The Big Bang 13.7 bi’lie’ons ye hear’s ago

A Big Bang / A BiC Bank, I-ban

Bi-(duality) C/See Ban-K… Ka – Spirit / S-Ri-Ri-T / (S / divine feminine, Ri / in the most high u/v, Ri / in the most high u/v, T / Truth.) Remove the PLDG / pledge to Babylons definitions- P to R, L to R, D to T, G to C / K … PLDG / RRTK/C.

As a M/Eta-phor;

This is your “sir’O’”(zero), in a two dimensional Oval of creation pre’sent-dead on paper. You can draw a circle with a compass while you can never square that circle with a box. What has been done is a shrewd screw of your creation oval into a figure 8, to com’part’mental’i’ze two separate oval’s of creation and keep you trapped in the legal one.

Where 8 resembles a DNA ‘stRand‘ (‘beach‘ bitch), 9 represent motion, as a Phi spiral, a torus field, spiralling infinitely into the paper she’et, and infinitely out from the she’T at the same time.

The cross-hair ⨁ where the lines cross in figure is the neutral SeeRho point of singularity from where to observe effect (electric) and create conscious cause (magnetic). While YOU were caught in the one oval of legal effects, you are unable to see Truth of reality, except maybe upon transformation (death) contract’ion through the singularity, where you will also see how your ego demons sold your soul for a pay check. R.P. ‘Relative pressure’ at sea/see level is 1.013 B.A.R.

The ‘O’ in this example figuratively represents ALL that YOU are, therefore also the contract, contract’ion into singularity, expansion, contraction, singularity, B’re’at’He, between you and creation, between you and the universe, between you and ‘God’ (creation), which is within YOU etc., et’see’the’fucking’Ra., external dead moon-orb calender legal name worshippers, Amoon / A’men.

Born free and programmed / Ra’i’sed in Lucifer’s loop where you literally where lead to believe murder, death, fear and de’struct’ion IS the no’R’mal, IT IS SO in worship of dead things.

Little did you know upon entering this world about third party interlopers snatching your soul, body, and mind, through your A B.C., Babylonian langue-gage (tongue pledge), and A Birth Certificate Copyright Contract. Where a sentence and judgement literally mean the same, be aware of what you really “say”, / the ‘word’ / sound / phonics / phoenix, IS “all of creation”, where light is sound vibrating at infra red to ultra violet frequencies.

You d’ID NOT k’now the extent of the soul contract between your parents and the triple crown, that has nothing to do with YOU, where your ‘O’val of creation was twisted into a figure eight (Octogon åK/drag/go – to/two – gone, in’to duality, in se’pa’Ra’shun). With you caught in Lucifer’s legal effects loop you d’id’ not remember your contract with creation. Ꙭ Where I, you, he, she, it, they, we, D’ID / the id’entity / tie.

Reality and legality is two separate dimensions where one is as real as it comes here, and the other is a fictional paper con’struck’T based upon the Maxim of law “Legality is NOT reality”. While no one bothered to make you aware of this tRaP you where drilled into sub’mission an’swering to a legal name on fucking reflex.

Your vicThor was made the vic’time by the pedo’phallic vicars of Christ where your immortality became I’m mortal, in that you are already dead because;

The A B.C., (A Birth Certificate) is your death certificate in the physical, made from dead tree’s pressure boiled in lye/lie to become CElLuLose / see El Lucifer lose / sell (your soul) you lose, c’ell’you’lose, and dead in the spiritual through your own consent to BE a fucking dead-head. Free Will right….

Any and ALL ‘jobs’, “all it/id Doe-s” on planet le’gal spring from legality, where Pa-tent’s / Pa-10‘ts / (PaX Romana “Roman: “War is Peace”,) rule legal fictions through it’s Ne’Crown’Files of registered legal name corporations in Roman Curi’Uzi’tie, which killed your “Ka’T, spirit of Love in Truth of all u/v consciousness”.

Which one of your act’ivi’ties is NOT somehow rooted in legal paper fictions? NONE. And how are you going to see reality while trapped in the legal fiction’all loop? ☧ Chi Rho (“X / Chi / C”-Hi’gh / life force) (Pun in’ten’dead with P as a decapitated R, RRHHO / spirit breath of creation.)

Your physical reaction of emotions against this information, in the physical, spring from your alter ego demon’s needs in the non’phisicall’. (‘De mon‘ means ‘from me‘, and ‘the of me’s‘, in French.) Where the legal name IS The Mark of The Beast nee’dead for cum’arse in Babylon’s whore, where the legal name ego demon need to justify it’s nec’Roman’see with other le’galley enslaved psy-ste/m zome’bi’ Luciferians. You got them by their Ba’al’s now, let them show it up each others acts.

By your actions you are known and guilty by association in ALL of the dead legal corpus’rat’thieve systems crimes against ALL living things, through your willfull consent to BE a LEGAL NAME, through your willfull consent to bear Lucid’Fears Mark of The Beast. And where YOU are com’man’dead by demon’s, EYE the living command demon’s to hell where legal papers burn Swift-lie. That IS the power you wield as your third I.

The spheres in figure eight can NOT exchange contracts unless jo’in’der is created through someone who THINK they ARE a LEGAL NAME, meaning when you know who YOU ARE, you are untouchable by the pe’dos foot soul’die’rs. (feet, heel’s / hell’s, sol’es / soul’s, Pisces religion.) Where 97 % of your DNA strands are die’s’connected, the building of strands / stands in consciousness, is done by x’pan’din’k consciousness of living Truth.

And NO, the world will NOT fall apart by removing the parasitic vampires that suck up 95% of ALL resources including YOUR creation’all life force, YOUR world WILL fall apart because of your ego demons.

The infrastructure is already built only lies in the hands of the greedy, while most who can read this have all they need in the physical and then some to spare. People starve while ‘The Western world’ produce only a fraction of the food they consume, houses are more plentiful than homeless people, new cars pile up because no one can a-ford to buy them, while the system can not aff-ord to stop production because that would brake IT’S sue’p’lie CHAINS. It has Chains of office, chains of command, The “WE WAN’T CHAINS!!!” pro-test Demon-stras’hun CAM’PAINS, and then you got Dick Chain’I… lol, you gout to be kiddin m/e, the phoni’nic’s trick you to create this mirrored legal shithole, while the ONE KEY which locked you down, is the one KEY to set you ALL free, that is to render onto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and LOSE ‘HIS’ LEGAL NAME.


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