Three Ring Circus

Kate of Gaia

Three Ring Circus
The magician’s rings trick in a time continuum….off the cuff with kate

People have a hard time seeing simple with so much pre-running, built in system conjecture having them at the edge of their seat to “up the ante’, I know more” ego interlopings. While one can’t expect anyone to sit and fully ponder what you’re really trying to share beyond their already preconceived notions of it, bit bit bit, one chips away at the dig exposing old dinosaurs to knew bones. Humanity basis it’s time on a broken wheel, more like an egg really, with a 365.25 degree “circle” upon which they also base their math measuring round and spherical things with things like “square” inches….square peg, round hole dopomites. Take for example the very idea of a clock to allow for a start/stop cycle of time which are simply continuous moments of now unfolding…

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