RaPa Nui Deciphered

RaPa Nui

The Phonics deciphering key used here will be yours when you open your hear-t, stop worshipping false I.D.ols, and accept the simple fact that;

‘It’s illegal to use a legal name.’

As with every movie ever made, the pro-du-ser-s of Rapa Nui have two main objectives in the way they present the story. One is the literal storyline, where they want to present to their enter-train-ment hungry audience a plausible areological theory to reinforce accepted mainstream his-story. While their other objective which is better called the sub-jec-thieve (occult) storyline which is well understood as allegories by those who prey on YOUR ignorance.

…many scholars consider the story of Rapa Nui to be either pure myth, or such a garbled version of real events as to be ultimately indecipherable.”


If you want entertainment read the Wikipedia version or watch the movie, if you want the Truth read on here;

Like all movies this is the story of YOU.

In the Movie they cut down all the trees on their island to excavate ‘statutes’ of ‘moi’ (me in French…Ego) Why cut down all the trees? Because everyone else does it. Legality must be called a religion in that it consists only of dead paperwork written by dead people, (anyone claiming a legal name is considered dead by their own consent both in creation and under legal law) and because of legality’s own funda-mental Maxim of law; “Legality is not reality”. Legality has 65 to 70 million laws on it’s book’s and that takes a LOT of paper to push around. Then you have envelopes and ‘bills’ which are merely legal state-ments/minds never a true bill. Land’owners’ cut down their trees to pay those fictional bills. Where in any and all case ALL liability LEGALLY, fall upon the owner of the legal name which is NOT you. Add advertising, to please the dead whore of Babylon’s commerce system and you get the id-ea of the amount of dead trees needed. And no, hemp paper or electronic doc-your-ments does not solve the problem, neither does a reset of the system which is still belief in legal fictions instead of what IS-Real.

The movie; Noro and Make are both in love with the same woman, Ramana, (Ram-anu…. the high mind (Ram) of your highest ‘mind’, your hear-t (Anu)

The ‘masculine’ characters NAMES Noro No-Rho (no spirit breath, no calm, no peace) and Make Ma-key (magnetic/cause/Chi) has to be put in the mirror to match the two characters ‘personalities’. (you have to swap their names in that Satan’s hell (sam-hell-et) is a mirror image of heaven). No-ro and Make can represent two brain halves if your stuck in ‘meatstick’ physics and Make can represent the True self vs. the ego demon…. ‘Noro’. All males and females are both feminine and masculine. Ramana represent the True hear-t, cour, spirit. Can you see which ones that ‘Make’ a perfect match? Make means hus-‘bond’ (which is stock) in Norwegian… bondage.

The love between Noro, now Make… and Ramana, are taboo according to the high priest.

Of course it is, and that was the whole point of the broken legal mother board, planet legal is the trash bin right about to be emptied. Evil must by it’s own free will be allowed to destroy itself. That is ‘evolution’ where only what IS-real is eternal….. and this IS why demons can NOT be given creative power of their own, and must use copyright, i.e. Birth Certificate, paper, which burn right well in hell.

A ‘human being’ is nothing BUT energy, feminine and masculine are polarities of energy, and that is why one ‘human being’ is called one ‘in-divi-dual’… one divided / ‘divi-dead’ and conquered individual, if he/she/you believe to be a dead piece of legal paper.

This is also why NAMES, that be considered legal, written in capital letters or not, names in any way shape or form, where just a fricking SOUND uttered to Policy Statutes enforcers or in court is assumed to be the individuals name. The same goes with uttering or accepting ANY LABEL, I.e ‘human being’, freeman, the living etc., et al….. By app-hearing on ‘summons’ to court you prove to the B.A.R. you are the delusional Demon. ‘No Name’ is NOT a free card to be a criminal, where the only True law is; do no harm. You did not commit the initial fraud, that deed rests upon the criminal paedophile Crown Corporation City of London/State B.A.R…. ‘Initial fraud’ do you see? ‘Initials’ of above Corporation NAME could be CCCL or just as well CCCP since they have always been under the same Corporate umbrella, and the fact that all nation names, borders, islands names etc., are legal terminologies from the B.A.R City of London’s world atlas)

So what we are doing now is R.I.Ping the B.A.R a new one instead of;

‘RaPa Nui’ (having ripped/raped the k-new I, which IS ‘the third eye’/I….. the REAL you)

In the movie they state Rapa Nui means the heart of the earth. Easter island is situated in one of the most remote locations on the earth. As a legal namer you are re-con-ed ‘Lost at sea’ and dead by your own consent under Admiralty Maritime legal law. That is a long swim home, while all it really takes is a change of mind. Amen Ra and pope PaPa Rape Nui are NOT the heart of the earth because that is you, your True cour, core, hear-T.

The literal story continues with two classes of people on Papa Nui which like mentioned is an allegory for you and ‘plan-it Legal’. Long Ears; B.A.R. Members, Short Ears; non B.A.R. Members. Long Ears are marked by large wooden plugs through their ear-lobes (allegory for wooden poles through the robes of Nosferatu’s scribes and parasites, priests/judges/lawyers/bankers in and of the doomed Vampire of Babylon’s whore BECAUSE they would NOT REPENT! / Re-Pen-Truth, they would not take up the pen/mind and make things right in telling the Truth.

Long Ears have a certain Inc’ed tattoo, (B.A.R.card’s, the ‘highest’ of the e-lite-s use Anno Mundi calender, and under them you have Myndi(G)Heter, Govern-ment/mind), Long Ears where the ruling glass.

The working-class Short Ears, have no ‘ear plugs’ to understand how Satan’s legal control matrix works on Sound, which is Phonics. Without you accepting that everyone was screwed by the Legal Name Fraud you continue to spellbind yourself and every innocent child under the evil Dark Sorcerers and re’create’ yourself according to their definitions.

Short ear slaves have a different tattoo, It is an in Inc Birth Certificate in Anno Dum-in-ai ‘Book of the Dead Ka-lender.

The Birdman competition

Nine young men from each LONG EAR tribe compete in the annual Birdman Competition. (They are selected from Long Ear ‘heirs’, not ‘elected’ through Short Ear votes.)

The objective for the competition is for the young men to become grown up worry-heirs, literally. The allegory of the egg they have to collect is to see if they can protect their sworn oat to the Crown Corporation and ma-sonic brother hood with all legal trickery available to B.A.R. members. Humpty Dumpty could not be put back together again. The Legal Name Fraud has long since been cracked.

Mark 10:51 (KJV)

And Jesus answered and said onto him, What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? The blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my sight.

Exodus 20:13

Thou shalt not kill.

The KJV bi-bull is pure legality, where Moses and Abe-Ra-ham can allow murder if you wear the right sort of uniform, and adultery, idolatry, if you file the right statute forms. Do NOT KILL means do NOT eat from the tree of life, meat, fish, birds etc. And there because of meat and burger industry goes the rest of the trees on your island, including YOUR Tree of Life. You want fast easy understandable Truth, which you then want some FRAUDULENTLY elected DELUSIONAL politician to implement for you, not gonna happen… And you want fast food because you are to busy with ass-spects of your sport and legal RELIGION.

KJV Revelation in reverse is another matter, it is not fictional legal law, it is natural law and just simple logic. https://kateofgaia.wordpress.com/revelations-revealed/

Make’s sense now Rho-Ve staRE


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