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Deuteronomy 5……..The TEN Commandments……, not the legal lies of Satan’s owe-cult, they’re for the lawless ones and fallen
1And M/O-se’s (the modus opera-un-die of life) called all Israel, and said unto them, Hear, O Israel, the statutes and judgments which I speak in your ears this day, that ye may learn them, and keep, and do them.
2The LORD our God made a covenant with us in Horeb.
3The LORD made not this covenant with our fathers, but with us,even us, who are all of us here alive this day.
4The LORD talked with you face to face in the mount out of the midst of the fire,
5(I stood between the LORD and you at that time, to shew you the word of the LORD: for ye were afraid by reason of the fire, and went not up into the mount;) saying,
6I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.
7Thou shalt have none other gods before me.
8Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or thatis in the waters beneath the earth:
9Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me,
10And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments.
11Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.
12Keep the sabbath day to sanctify it, as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee.
13Six days thou shalt labour, and do all thy work:
14But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thine ox, nor thine ass, nor any of thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates; that thy manservant and thy maidservant may rest as well as thou.
15And remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt, andthat the LORD thy God brought thee out thence through a mighty hand and by a stretched out arm: therefore the LORD thy God commanded thee to keep the sabbath day.
16Honour thy father and thy mother, as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.
17Thou shalt not kill.
18Neither shalt thou commit adultery.
19Neither shalt thou steal.
20Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbour.
21Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbour’s wife, neither shalt thou covet thy neighbour’s house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or any thing that is thy neighbour’s.


by kate of kaea

ATTENTION: Lawyer, Judge, Government Agent/employee, Police, Common Man etc. et al/any/all who serve as a fictional LEGAL NAME/TITLE/I.D.-ENTITY (pronounced phonetically example: “leg-all enemy”((N-AM-E), “tit-El”/Luciferian)) character in the legal world reality;

Author’s note where the “author” is defined as anyone who uses these words as their’s where truth cannot be “copyrighted”, merely shared by agreement and these words are theirs, regardless of “who” wrote the words ab initio where truth belongs to all in CONCEPTUAL (heart and mind written, causal, not the physical “written” form, effectual.), where this writing/righting/riting is written (spelled out) in language understandable to both those in and out of the LEGAL NAME FRAUD profession/reality where the common understanding of this fraud and crime against humanity and creation is visible both in laymen’s and legal terms, not to be confused by the intent of the reader where the “author’s” (the intentions thereof/therein) intentions are crystal clear: i.e. legal word/world wranglers and twisters of “HEARINGS” where it is spelled out henceforth/herein with all potential(s) of phonics deception(s) hereby and therefore, removed, ad infinitum;

For example, a phonics deception is, where one thing is SPOKEN by a non-B.A.R. member (general public/any/all legal name users without B.A.R. affiliation(s)/permission(s)), only to be re-spelled differently by any/all B.A.R. members under assumption and presumption to corrupt the ORIGINAL INTENT of the one speaking versus spelling it out, and why a FRAUDULENT, by deliberate design, LEGAL NAME non-B.A.R. member has no voice in the legal dead reality: in other words, one’s words, spoken, cannot be altered from the speaker’s ORIGINAL TRUE INTENT as to what they mean versus what the one HEARING the spoken form of the words hears, and then, corrupts them, and their SPOKEN words, by using alternative spellings under assumption/presumption of the SAME SOUND homonyms, with completely different “definition(s)” using this spelling trickery to undo them and gain the HONOUR advantage where no honour in them exists and the non-BAR member is rendered in a state of perpetual DISHONOUR unknowingly: i.e. twists them, the non-BAR member speaking/ their spoken words SPOKEN, backwards/around/opposes/negates/corrupts the SPEAKER’S original intent, to initiate and perpetrate/instigate FRAUD against them to enable “imaginary crimes” to profit from STATUTORY COMMERCIAL RAPE/KIDNAPPING etc. et al, thus why court “pro-seedings” are called HEARINGS where SPELLINGS is a more precise term for what is really going on: Thus, this is spelling it out clearly where assumption and presumtion is rendered null and void where any/all use/claiming to be a LEGAL NAME ENTITY has everyone in the original sin/sign, state of fraud from the creation of, and continued use of the LEGAL NAME that appears on every birth certificate until they remove themselves from the criminal legal reality where anyone involved in the enforcement of this fraud using violence, trickery, coercion etc. et al to ensnare with intent to enslave another, is, in fact, aiding and abetting a criminal act by forcing another into submission to its use where this truth has been exposed and where it is illegal to use any/all legal name(s)/titles ab initio;

A typical court room drama example: Unwitting LEGAL NAME Deafened-ent(mind): “I do not consent” spoken with the intent of “no wish to consent” intended where the B.A.R. member a.k.a. judge, lawyer, cop etc. CAN AND WILL assume/presume in FULL/fool “honour” the words phonetically as to how THEY want to hear it and has respelled that VERBAL/FOR-BA’AL: “Aye, due knot con-se’-ent” where “aye” means yes, affirmative and tacit agreement instantly, “due”, as in debt tacit agreement, “knot”, as in tied and BO-uND, tacit agreement to slavery and “con-” (means both with/for AND against/without equally as a prefix, also means thief or criminal in common vernacular terms etc.), ” se’ ” is Latin for “himself, herself, itself” which is the entire essence of the speaker involved, and “-ent” is a suffix meaning “mind” etymologically. In short, the ones perpetuating and profiting from this LEGAL NAME FRAUD deception can hear whatever they choose to hear/here and can/will, in full honour, RESPELL every word uttered at every HEARING because it wasn’t spelled out by the speaker in writing, where it can be re-spelled by the B.A.R. member’s criminal intentions to incriminate ALL innocent AND guilty individuals equally thus painting all humanity with the same criminal brush they’ve been painted with and simply “passing the buck to make a buck” of sin/sign to another, re-writing by re-spelling the speaker’s words against them to create the B.A.R. member/servant by oath, advantage every time, in every legal reality situation. This deception/ruse/criminal enterprise is over where truth itself is all the “vengeance” one needs in a “white flag, state of truce, not surrender” stance and, where all criminals perpetuating this crime against humanity are now fully exposed for all to see: It’s illegal to use a legal name is a legal FACT;


as it pertains to BIRTH CERTIFICATE(S)/any/all contracts/treaties

(hereafter shown SPELLED as CRSS or in full, commonly referred to as “the escape clause”)

In LEGAL public/international law, clausula rebus sic stantibus (Latin for “things thus standing”) is the LEGAL doctrine allowing for treaties/contracts to become inapplicable, nunc pro tunc where any/ALL FRAUD revealed, renders any/all contracts NULL AND VOID, ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc, tunc pro nunc(now for then, then for now) eliminating all TIME PERIODS relating to the contracts existence in the first place because of a fundamental change of circumstances whereas, it’s illegal to use a legal name/BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME/TITLE where the INTENT to create a FRAUDULENT THIRD PARTY is evidenced in any/all BIRTH CERTIFICATES by the very existence of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE as self-evident. CRSS is essentially and fundamentally purposed as an “escape clause” that makes an exception to the general rule of PACTA SUNT SERVANDA (promises must be kept) THUS REMOVING ALL PRIOR/PREVIOUS assumption(s) and/or presumption(s) any/all parties, legal and/or otherwise to the contrary where this fraud is revealed;

Because the doctrine poses a risk to the security (securities a.k.a. money) of treaties/contracts where those profiting from this “by design” FRAUD by exposing this INTENT TO COMMIT FRAUD and those perpetuating it as its scope, is relatively/completely unconfined/without borders, it requires strict LEGAL regulations as to the conditions in which it may be invoked where only those claiming to be LEGAL I.D.-ENTITIES within the legal reality confines are concerned, and where one is no longer deemed a LEGAL I.D.-ENTITY thereafter since this is the last LEGAL ACT, in the common sense of the definitions, of one who was formerly deceived by the LEGAL NAME/BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD where it is now KNOWN to be FRAUD and where/wear/ware/we’re/were the one invoking this clause no longer wishes to commit legal name fraud/any crimes against another whatsoever, while removing all traces of the former I.D.-entity from their’s and everyone else’s reality, regardless of the AIDING AND ABETTING attempts of/by/for/in FRAUD by various CROWN CORPORATION AGENTS to illicit/force/demand/coerce etc. et al anyone/all who have stated AND shown otherwise;

The doctrine is part of customary international law, but is also provided for in the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties under Article 62 (Fundamental Change of Circumstance), although the doctrine is never mentioned by name. Article 62 provides the only two justifications of the invocation of rebus sic stantibus: first, that the circumstances existing at the time of the conclusion of the treaty were indeed objectively essential to the obligations of treaty (sub-paragraph A) and the instance wherein the change of circumstances has had a radical effect on the obligations of the treaty (sub-paragraph B). In short, the INTENT to commit, aid and abet FRAUD falls squarely on those perpetuating this LEGAL NAME/BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD, typically anywhere anyone is being forced to ENLIST/IMPRESSED INTO SERVICE UNWILLINGLY/UNKNOWINGLY their child through REGISTRATIONS of any/all forms ab initio until dissolved or remains intact willingly by any/all who continue to be guilty in their own fraud by willfully using any/all LEGAL NAME/TITLE(S) AFTER THE FACT where fraud absolute is self-evident where this BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD is in plain view;

If the parties to a treaty/contract had/have previously/currently contemplated/known all facts regarding the treaty/contract (based on a full and open disclosure from all parties involved in the BIRTH CERTIFICATE (BC) contract/s) for the occurrence of the changed circumstance, the doctrine does NOT apply and the provision remains in effect even though the full disclosure of the FRAUDULENT INTENT of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a LEGAL FACT and is fully exposed/a known legal fact within the confines of the fictional LEGAL REALITY, whereas those continuing to use said treaty/contract/BIRTH CERTIFICATE LEGAL NAME I.D.-ENTITY render this “escape clause” null and void by/of their own hand and doing for willfully/knowingly continuing in its use AFTER THE FACT (i.e. contempt of court, profiting from the avails of crime etc. et al). Clausula rebus sic stantibus only relates to changed circumstances that were never contemplated by one or more of the parties, since one or more of the parties involved to initiate/force/enforce fraud after the fact such contracts/treaties is knowingly/unknowingly (ignorance is no defence) by/of/for/in omission/commission committing FRAUD WITH INTENT, regardless of claims made otherwise by any/all who are legally dead, fictional I.D.-entities/B.A.R. members/CROWN AGENT(S) etc. et al using this fraud to steal the life source of another in any way shape or form;

Although it is clear that a fundamental change of circumstance(s) justifies terminating or modifying a treaty/contract (i.e. the Birth Certificate contract is deliberately set up to deceive the G.I.F.T.-ing party, male/female creators of physical child/children/intellectual, spiritual name(s) with INTENT to TRANSFER the living child/children (GAMETE-INTRA-FALLOPIAN) into a DEAD LEGAL NAME(S) WARD OF ADMIRALTY/STATE placing all contracting parties in a state of fraud absolute, collectively), a unilateral denunciation of a treaty is prohibited to any/all LEGAL NAME FRAUD participants (i.e. legal participants without B.A.R./Crown Corporation member permissions, where the CROWN CORPORATION AGENTS/SERVANTS INTENT to commit FRAUD is self-evidenced by the very existence of REGISTRATION/HOSPITAL etc. et al offices trading in birth certificate(s) slavery) and MUST be done only on an individual choice basis to make this fraud known to any/all CROWN AGENTS or remain a knowingly fraudulent, by the nature of the LEGAL NAME constructed reality, willing participant. Any/all LEGAL NAME FRAUD party(s) do not have the right to denounce a treaty unilaterally (i.e. on behalf of everyone involved) where a NON-LEGAL individual can, to expose, and, which exposes this fraud for all of humanity to see, where humanity must make it’s own choice individually where the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is UNILATERALLY deemed FRAUD upon ALL humanity notwithstanding;

As a fundamental flaw/mistake of all legal proceedings, it is a legal fact in the legal reality/fictional existence that it is illegal for anyone/everyone, outside of a B.A.R. card (in which one must already be in fraud to enter LAW SCHOOL using a FRAUDULENT LEGAL NAME as one example of fraud on fraud regardless) or SWORN OATH using a fraudulent, with permissions granted ONLY TO TITLE(S), attached to LEGAL NAME(S) likewise, to serve the “owners/operators” of the fictional CROWN CORPORATION by wilfull AND knowing/unknowing, omission/commission of FRAUD absolute.) consent to be, act as, lay claim to, act in the role of, etc. et al a legal name/legal entity/legal character as it appears in any/all Books of the REGISTRAR/REGISTRATION/REGISTRY(regis-tree = dead CROWN family I.D.-entity tree) whereby any/all legal name/s/titles/designations/ranks/corporations etc. et al are, in fact, PROPERTY OF THE CROWN CORPORATION and use thereof without clear and explicitly present PERMISSION(S) by the “legal owner or representative” thereof, by and for said/such “owner” of all such/said legal creations, is illegal in every way rendering such user in a state of instant dishonour in the “ayes of the court”, a fraudulent felon/criminal, regardless of the nature of any/all accusations made by any/all CROWN CORPORATION REPRESENTIVES, B.A.R. card/Sworn oath or not since they are in the “commision” of a fraudulent act (i.e. CAFR accounts, Bonds, etc.). Here, in this doctrine, it is SPELLED out for the reader/receiver clearly and their lack of understanding this doctrine renders them INCOMPETENT thus everything they “TAKE” is a “MIS-TAKE” ab initio where FRAUD was/is the INTENT of LEGAL NAME(S) FRAUD ad infinitum and obviously a criminal mind/heart is incapable of rational thought where a “reasonable” being (insane) simply looks for every reason under the sun to escape their own responsibility, via LEGALITY IS NOT REALITY “legal means” in their complicitness in these crimes against creation and truth until they decide otherwise; simply put, criminals, destroyers of humanity, destroyers of life itself;

In short, it is illegal to use a legal name/ANY/ALL legal references aforementioned, regardless of claims made to the contrary by any/all “legal agents” to the contrary where “legal agents” is defined herein as anyone who uses any/all legal “definitions” of who and what they think they are; a dead fictional character, no voice. Following this outline are only some examples of the total illegality of legal name fraud where LEGAL NAME (any/all fictional legal entity formations/references/non-living paper constructs/exists nowhere in any living, conscious form outside of the confines of a dead, legal reality where one must speak or spell it/I.D. into existence for it/I.D. to exist at all) is a fictional character/reality that only exists in the minds of those that create said “fictional charater(s)” be they in a human/sentient/consciously aware form, or any other inanimate/lifeless form, assumed/presumed as living mental/quantum and can only exist between two parties in order for them to exist at all, and, whereas an/the ORIGINAL fundamental nature/construct of the TREATY/CONTRACT/AGREEMENT(S) has been altered/changed/fraudulent and misleading INTENT by one or more contracting parties and, where INTENT TO COMMIT FRAUD/TO DECEIVE ANOTHER ACTING AS frauds, liars, thieves etc. et al criminal/evil intentions, hiding behind LEGAL NAME(S)/TITLE(S) are/is exposed by the very use of any/all of these “legality is not reality” fictional constructs that renders any/all users of such things, a FELON/CRIMINAL by deliberately deceptive design and, where I, the living in creation am NOT, nor will I be assumed and/or presumed henceforth and forever a DEAD LEGAL NAME/TITLE I.D.-ENTITY ad infinitum, ab initio, nunc pro tunc, tunc pro nunc;

1. LEGAL NAME/TITLE/CONSTRUCT Party claiming any/all legal name is 3rd/third party interloping in/on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE CONTRACT between CROWN AGENT and MALE/FEMALE WARDS OF ADMIRALTY where the “legally enslaved child” (i.e. the current LEGAL NAME(S) I.D.-ENTITY user/3rd/third party interloper unknowingly) was not present at the

SIGNING/SINNING of said BIRTH CERTIFICATE contract, nor were any details of this INTENT TO COMMIT FRAUD disclosure given to contracting parties/all participants, where a child and/or children is/are involved. In short, the one using the legal name wasn’t there at the signing of the contract (guilty of the original sin/sign of/by the “father”), null and void, nunc pro tunc, contracting with a minor ensues; Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus is invoked/spoken/written

2. LEGAL NAME/TITLE/CONSTRUCT participant is immediately guilty within the constructs of the legal unreality of Crown Copyright infringement (where the CROWN does not “prosecute” meaning “does not pursue” DELIBERATELY for the only purpose of the continuation of humanity’s overall fraud which is far more profitable) in accordance with the warnings placed on various BIRTH CERTIFICATES (if it’s on one contract/construct, it’s on all contracts/constructs, based in the same non-reality of LEGALITY IS NOT REALITY delusion, different in form, identical in conceptual INTENT, clausula rebus sic stantibus) and in subsequent CERTIFICATES/ALIASES created by any/all parties that use said BIRTH CERTIFICATE (proof of intent to commit fraud by its very existence) to create any/all forms of IDENTIFICATION from it and/or any/all related forms rendering said user in immediate fraud for doing so, where any/all creation of any/all forms of LEGAL IDENTIFICATION in any/all legal definitions where this LEGAL NAME(S) FRAUD is deemed MANDATORY by/for/of/in the LEGAL FICTIONAL REALITY CONSTRUCT AGENTS/PRACTITIONERS THEREOF, where FORCE, COERCION, DECEPTIONS, THREATS, THEFTS, BLACKMAIL, etc. et al is used to knowingly/unknowingly by/of/for/in omission/commision to enslave any/all humanity partaking in this/the/any/all LEGAL realm(s) of fictional delusions where the LEGAL SYSTEM DEMANDS humanity commit fraud in order to survive if one is presently/was formerly using ANY/ALL such said LEGAL IDENTIFICATION where the fundamental nature of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is to create fraudulent parties on BOTH sides of the CONTRACT. In short, a “license to kill, steal, cheat etc. et al” any/all individuals as its PRIMARY INTENT; Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus is invoked/spoken/written

3. It is illegal to AID AND ABET anyone knowingly/unknowingly that is fully unaware of the LEGAL NAME(S) FRAUD deception into a criminal activity against their wishes by forcefully, in any/all ways (includes trickery, violent actions/threats thereof to COMPLY with fraud, means of wording deceptions etc. et al) being assumed/presumed A DEAD LEGAL NAME I.D.-ENTITY where “following orders” by any/all CROWN AGENTS is assumed/presumed authority based on deceptive/violent means and measures to gain such fictional “jurisdiction/control” over another and by any/all means of deception where the INTENT to deceive another is self evident by the very nature of “LEGAL NAME(S) FRAUD” original INTENT by design by one who is titled/uniformed in any/all LEGAL senses/legal unreality definitions, where their role to act in the “character” of any/all CROWN AGENT/S for the purpose of legal deception(s) a.k.a. “COMMISSIONS” as the basis of their jobs/roles, namely a uniformed officer/robed judge etc. et al WEARS (“the emperor’s clothes removed”) their intent to do so (i.e. the very clothes/uniforms/robes/chains of office etc. et al), where to don any/all robes/legal garments of the legal reality deems CROWN AGENT(S) easily visible and absolutely transparent FOR/BY/OF/IN the INTENT to commit fraud/aid and abet fraud, in the very ACT to don them; Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus is invoked/spoken/written

4. Profiting from criminal activity (employment, shares, profits, investments, sales, any/all means of procuring legal FIAT currencies etc.) inasmuch as any/all COMMERCE is based totally and utterly (udders of life, humanity’s “milk and honey”) on the LEGAL NAME/TITLE FRAUD construct from the creation of FIAT currencies based on the valuations of the slave trading BONDS (UCC/UPU a.k.a. CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF LONDON, STATE/CORPORATION OF VATICAN CITY, STATE) that the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is, and intended to be for just such a purpose to involve EVERY form of “money made” be it through peaceful and/or criminal activities from being paid to deliver newspapers to being paid to legally murder another human being under the legal umbrella of war/military, where murder in any form is murder and any/all associations to/by/for/of/in any/all LEGAL NAME(S)/TITLE(S) forms renders one GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION absolute inasmuch as one is still mentally, physically, spiritually bound in the legal reality/unreality (“deal with the devil/Satan”) by agreement to be so involved in this criminal activity. I don’t associate with murderers/I.D.-doll worshiping at any/all levels nor will I be assumed/presumed otherwise via LEGAL NAME FRAUD associations/assumptions/presumptions and the LEGAL sorcery practitioners therein;Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus is invoked/spoken/written

5. Any/all individuals that use, claim to be, actively participate in/of/by/for the LEGAL NAME(S)/TITLE(S) in any/all ways whatsoever WITHOUT explicit permission by their “illusional legal masters” a.k.a. B.A.R. card/CROWN AGENT sworn oath members, arepraticing legal “law” (which is legal,not lawful) without a license but are deemed to be “practicing law” (using LEGAL/COMMERCE anything in day to day living reality where the LEGAL NAME is a LEGAL definition within the confines of the legal unreality/reality) where lawyers are used to fill this gap in the illusion of “legal representation” that renders any/all who do so SILENCED, without voice and are IN-VOICED accordingly as a WARD OF ADMIRALTY or, essentially a child of the dead corporate (body consumed, phonetically) STATE until such guilt by legal name association is removed by the one being deemed to practice law/sorcery (literally) by NOT using a lawyer to keep the court “in honour” where now, CONTEMPT OF COURT is enacted upon any/all who enter a court of man-made “law” which places the CROWN AGENTS/COURT OFFICIALS in peril of dishonour where only the CONFESSION of the one entering/thinking they actually need to be there at all to BE a legal name or TRICKED into claiming anything that resembles, IN PART AND/OR IN FULL, anything that can bind them to the BIRTH CERTIFICATE CONTRACT SPELLING(S) as they appear on said birth certificate that will ultimately render the “user” as a felon fraud first, thus “restoring the illusion of honour” in their court where the ruse is perpetuated anon; Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus is invoked/spoken/written

These are just a few of the examples that anyone with any sense of “legal wrongdoing” can see to illustrate clearly the absolute fraud nature of the entire legal system and the basis of the fraud against humanity it is based upon where the LEGAL NAME/TITLE claims are the cornerstone that holds the entire pyramid construct with the criminals (legal sorcerers) atop the pyramid of delusional and illusional power and where any/all cops/judges/lawyers/common people should have a basic understanding of what fraud is where fraud is clearly defined in the ten commandments motif. Fraud (entire legal reality) includes, not limited to, murder, stealing, raping, adultering, greed, lust, covetousness, false idol creation and worship, and all manner of evil intentions where only the veil of a papered reality protects the evil with KNOWING intentions and now you know, ignorance removed herein where it is encumbent with EVERY individual to prove otherwise, SILENCE EQUATES ACQUIESCENCE maxim invoked; Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus is invoked/spoken/written

Inasmuch as the Vatican/CORPORATION OF VATICAN CITY, STATE, as commonly understood, is also complicit in this LEGAL NAME/TITLE reality by virtue of LEGAL REGISTRATION, all spiritual notions of “power” are hereby nullified ab initio, ad infinitum where VATICAN CITY is REGISTERED as are all NATIONS/COUNTRIES etc. et al as REGISTERED CROWN OWNED CORPORATIONS and are neutered by association accordingly where any/all assumed presumed “power” is fully and completely destroyed by/of/in/for this LEGAL NAME/TITLE COMPLICIT AGREEMENT/TREATY FRAUD and is therefore complicit in this fraud against all of humanity and life itself as are all claiming any/all legal status in any/all legal forms ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc, tunc pro nunc. There are countless essays and radio programs by the non-legal entity “kate of gaia/kaia” for further clarification including on air confessions made by police and lawyers attesting to the truth of this and their inability to claim otherwise, trapped in the legal circular trap of their own construction. Any/all actions made by anyone professing to be in/of/for/by any/all LEGAL NAME/TITLE is fraud, attempt to aid and abet fraud where it is illegal to use/be/claim/think one is a LEGALLY defined anything. Your serve? No, the game is over and Satan and his Harlot (Legal Cronus, Commerce Crone/CROWN) lost all games where all “law” was, and is, church based where court is simply a sin-o-name for church and the living true law was replaced with false dead legal and all robed practitioners, whether court or church serve the same dead LEGAL reality and are rendered soul dead accordingly in the “ayes” of creation. Your soul is on

the line/lien while your sins/signs are on the lien/line and only YOU can clear YOUR debt, no savior’s coming to save you but rather to condemn you for all your wilfull crimes, now KNOWINGLY being committed by the mere virtue of you having received this, having read it or not.”



Legal Name Fraud Explained

by kate of kaia

Before any fraud can be revealed, a simple understanding of what fraud actually is is critical to grasp the enormity of the fraud placed on humanity overall. Fraud is simply a knowing attempt to deceive another to steal from them. Plain and simple, a fraud is hidden theft. What humanity is finding difficult to accept is the actual level of theft that has been achieved over every man, woman and child on what we call earth. Humanity has been duped into In-dependence upon the very thing that is draining their very souls of life and, literally, feeding it to the hounds of Hell. Not one part of humanity’s day to day activities escape this perfect net if you’re still willing to be their fishies. Every aspect of what you THINK of as a normal kinda day is soaked and dripping in this venom that has permeated the very mind of consciousness rendering it unconscious and thus, dead. All evil had to do was make being dead legally, fun enough to quell and lull the masses, and make sure you can’t imagine any other kind of normal day besides the matrix you’re spinning in. I’ll outline a few parables of this during this essay where it is my hope to be able to convey, in the simplest terms, the magnitude of this ruse while keeping your panic to a dull roar. Yes, this is serious business since your very soul is on THEIR lien/line/ligne until YOU un-Hook your Peter Pan and Tinkerbell but, the answer AND truth beyond in the living reality are so simple, you simply won’t believe it.

It’s because EVERY part of your life in what the masses of humanity think of as “normal” is affect-dead and in-fect-dead and THIS is the pole shift of 180 degrees spoke of in folklore. Yes, the physical ones occur but only for those that choose the dead physical, all there is reality whereas I and countless others chose the 180 degree about face and marched right out of Babyloan out from under their excrutiatingly relentless eyes until we literaly “went dark” on their radar screens. This is the Celestine Prophecy effect of the invisible shields go up and render you untouchable for standing in truth.

When pair-ents (two minds) or payer-rents choose to REGISTER their children, they are LITERALLY trading off the life source of the being that is SUCKED into that body in this reality for the whore of Baby-loans LEGAL NAME dead child, in essence, ADOPTING Satan’s child in LLEU of heaven’s child. The Laws-R-us effect, raising the dead NAME DEMON and razing the living consciousness you THINK of as YOU and every other human being as well as all sentient life in this reality. In short, YOU offer up your living child as a sacrifice to Satan while your living child commits sign after sign (sin upon sin) and ADOPT the dead LEGAL DEMON literally breathing life into evil with every creation thenceforth.

Have a look again at the Solomon story where two mothers were contesting one child where one mother (whore of Babyloan) who killed her child (smothering it in bed while she was sleeping is one version) and swapped babies with the living child of the other mother (living creation) claiming the living child as hers and the dead one belonging to the mother who is now fighting to save her kidnapped child. Solomon’s answer to this quarrel was to simply cut the living child in two and each could have half to which the real mother said no and to allow the liar to have the child versus halve the child. Solomon knew the real mother would never allow her child to be harmed while the whore of Babyloan stayed silent and happy with the outcome of cutting the child in two. The old “if I can’t steal your child, you’re not getting them back psychopathy” and this is exactly what’s going on in this reality. The child is life itself, the life in you, your child to protect and your child is owned, locked, stalked and B.A.R.-ruled whilst gleefully consenting to play along in the dead whore commerce kingdumb as nothing more than a minor subject in the book of the dead REGISTRARS, a page for their black night Sat-El-ite. Demons are also called El-ites, Graft-ites, Paris-ites etc…..

People will walk in circles within the matrix until they decide, once and for all, they’re not a legal anything….only the absolute removal of the literal idea of being a legal anything will finally put you out side of the box of this boxed legal matrix. Here’s an example of how 180 degrees opposite of the truth legally mind-dead people “evaluate” spiritual signs and clues with literal legal nonsense. If you’re talking in legal devil tongue in legal literal reality, you’re an El-ite just like the other El-ites that like to burroe underground as any wormwould do: THAT’S the real wormwood wiggling around in the grey clay called brain matter which is in fact, the dead and divided heart and why only following your true heart, to do what is right regardless of illusional consequence. In that walk, creation carries you.

I’ll post this segment and another segment to show how circular legal reality the mind goes, round and round only talking about the world reality from the dead legal illusion perspective…..the subject never changes because they are imprisoned in a CROWN SUBJECT I.D.-entity so their OBJECTIVE will always be from the dead legal whirled matrix trapped mined.

from the article (read the whole thing if you can stomach this much delusional programming and this one is a GREAT example of someone nailing their own box shut from the inside)

“The word “Shemitah” is a legal term that comes from the Torah of Moses, the first five books of the Scriptures. Shemitah in the Hebrew means a “legally permanent release”. The root idea of the word Shemitah in the Hebrew means to “violently throw something down with force—to utterly destroy something”. To a biblical court of Law, the Shemitah was a time-sensitive, permanent legal release that was to absolutely abolish whatever legal issue was at stake.””

back to me now…..the word Shemitah is Hebrew for the latin phrase Clausula Rebis Sic Stantibus or the CRSS to bear, bare or B’heir. The Invocation of the CRSS was on December 25th, 2012….the CRSS is commonly referred to as “the escape clause/the S-cape Claus”…..the writers of the article missed the point entirely because they’re deluded into a one way only literal way of thinking, basing their whole reality that was built on the legal name fraud deception. humanity, in short, lives the lie until they know who, not watt, they truly are.

here’s my essay:

Invocation of the CRSS

and here’s the link to the Shemitah article literal nonsense explained:

They’ll never know the real why speaking in devil’s tongue legal sorcery matricks…..

in laymen’s terms, the clausula rebis sic stantibus is the escape clause where a FUNDAMENTAL change in circumstances renders contracts/treaties etc. null and void…the fundamental change moment?….it’s illegal to be legal anything, mind, body, spirit. The original Birth Certificate contract is the PROOF and EVIDENCE of a clear and present INTENT to deceive another by it’s mere existence….registry buildings are proof of intent to foment this deception…everything created to put this fraud into practice is proof of fraud intent ab initio (since before it was ACT-DEAD upon where you are ACT-DEAD until truth is ACT-DEED…..when you throw down, with force, the dead legal name (all ideas ATTACHED/attacked to it), with intent to destroy that from your reality, the real Shemitah/CRSS comes into full force and effect.

You are trapped in the legal mate-tricks until YOU aren’t. Only you can utterly destroy that….and all it is, is an idea you need to 180 degree your mind on and yes, this will take your breath away when you see the full magnitude of the matrix and why BABY steps are all that’s required. The more you walk the baby steps, the sooner you’ll be running and jumping can-yans.

“Clausula rebus sic stantibus/CRSS/the “cross to bare”: A treaty provision

stating that the treaty is binding only as long as the circumstances in existence when the treaty was signed remain substantially the same. Therefore, every contract created with their Trademark is fraudulent, ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc.”

These literal reality, because of legal dead I.D.ea of themselves, types can only interpret from a dead literal, same as always, reality and will go in circles. In this whirled filled with false jews/ewes/use/ you must become the living yew/you/U tree and you can’t do that while you still hold on to any dead idea of WHO you are based on WATT someone else NAMED/SEXED you in the physical. If you want to know about me, ask me, not the meatstick illusional idea of who you BELIEVE I am based on socio-pathic stereo-tip-eye-cull PHYSICAL ass-sumped-eye-ons/pre-sumped-eye-ons….you will find out very quickly WHO I am and how quickly I destroy any/all physical reality assumptions/presumptions thinking that somehow they know me better than myself.

The allegory of the swan is that it has a long neck and I have stuck my neck out a loooong way every time it was needed for truth to prevail, regardless of “physical threats” from systemic baboons, wolves, hyenas or any manner of predator/parasiti-cull types. You can tell a chicken by the shortness of its neck and the depth of the deep fryer it’s cooking itself in. You choose to be cygnus the swan not sign-us the boiler chickens….psi-genius….where the genie-us is found only in truth together with your dauntless position to stand, immovable from truth once found. Until you REAL-EYES the legal name fraud trap, you’ll be forever trapped in a separate from you, separate from creation box, bound by the evil you won’t, not can’t let go.

Canter-bury is what the dead whorse you’re “can’t ink, can tink” is racing to-wards and all that whorse will find is a grave because it lost the urge to fight for life based on a bluffing sorcerer’s whims. Bury that canter before it buries you….only the dead bury the dead in this world. The anogogic tie-ins prove what the Shemitah really is and folks, we’ve passed over that long ago and these I.D.-e-oughts (Identity conscious zeroes aka zombies/zoom-bees with stingers and B.A.R-B’s) still haven’t a clue as to who they are and this is a classic example. They try to prove their spiritual “beliefs” with legal literal reality schizophrenic delusions.

A classic example of this schizophrenia freemen and paid-riots and legal goo-ruse of men go to jail and it’s easy to know why….legal is about minding everybody else’s business but your own and gone are the daze where we needed to do this legal challenge thing at all….that was before the fundamental change in the contracts all humanity is bound in where the knowledge of legal name fraud and, the legal fact that it’s illegal to use a legal name from any all birth certificates bares the clasula rebis sic stantibus escape clause into view. People like Notaries (not ari’s/knot-our-eyes) insist on schizophrenia where nothing can be not-arised without presenting your willingness to commit fraud by using a legal name that doesn’t belong to you but you think it does. Then the emotions kick in with “but my mummy and daddy gave me that name!!!!” as they stomp their widdle feet screaming like banshees vowing vengeance where the simple truth is all the vengeance you need. You’ll never get burned at the B.A.R. and be Cued again. Remember, evil won’t give up without a fight but it can’t harm you, only bluff you to extremes to try and coerce or trick you back into you being their hollow-wean tree-Te’s. It’s illegal to be a legal anything stops them in their tracks.

It’s sadly obvious that people don’t mind being brain-dead/brand-dead criminals but then this LEGAL FACT was never mentioned to them by those that enslave humanity via forced REGISTRATIONS into contracts IN-TEN-DEAD to DE-SEE-EVE another. It’s only AFTER THE FACT, once this LEGAL FACT is shared with anyone does it become a CRIME KNOWINGLY to continue simply going along with evil. Just ask gurus like Santo Bonacci and Dean Clifford about that, unfortunately, they’re both in jail along with a few other legal be-gulls still dancing with the devil in the houses of Satan commonly called court houses more aptly whored souses. You’re the meat in the soup of the broth-El filled with vegetative ramblings of circular saw mineds. Of all the legal gurus, these two heard me and ignored me the most regarding this legal and spiritual fact.

The truth is much simpler. The fight only continues while one thinks there IS a fight where none exists unless you pick one. We’ve all picked all the necessary battles to set ourselves free and in the case of those of the beligerent stance, to keep them away from humanity where only B.A.R. members are allowed to pick pockets through “legal laws” and they don’t like competition from freeman guru types where you’re making these pair-a-sites work versus being a typical roll-over human monster. If you want to play legal then I’d suggest you join them because it’s illegal to even try to beat them since you’re going to have to use a legal name to enter Satan’s realm. The only way to beat them is to not join in their silly little reigned-ear games and that’s easy because you’ll have to insist you’re a dead legal name to do that and well, that’s a crime ab initio (since before the beginning) since now you know legal names are illegal contra-banned. It’s easy to spot any demons, they all in-cyst on legal names, Satan’s membership consent and they’ll push you to your limitbut forbidden to pass the Rubicon of truth: it’s illegal to use a legal name. Know that fact and stand there? Nothing in Satan’s realm can enter yours.

Essay notes: add-end-dumbs

con, with or without…..phi, creation…, of or to undo…..ents, mind….with or without creation of or to undo the mind….a confidence game…con gmae

life is a con game…with life or against it….the confidence game is to see how pro life or not one is….creation’s version of the shell game….in life’s game, there is a pea under every walnut shell no matter how many times the shells are rearranged….

legal name reality is the against life con, full of con-victs etc….the game of feeding off life versus creating it….when one has the con-phi-de-ents to overcome the legal reality, one has literally overcome death….THAT’S the test… easy really….but so few choose the real confidence game….I only use “common speak” to convey literal concepts…everyone knows what “illegal” means, it equates to wrong doings….unfortunately, legal reality makes it legal to murder, they call it war….so I have to walk between common understandings in the literal to expand the concepts into spiritual anogogics….when in Rome, speak Roman until others can learn Phoenician

we don’t ever have to explain ourselves, just clear up the illusions and misconceptions of others so they can understand their own wrong doings thinking it’s ok because it’s legal, not ok if it’s illegal….it’s wrong to kill others period…people can grasp that much……if they are truly good people, it doesn’t take them long to see through that veil of deception.

Here’s an example of a literal spell and some pieces of the inner chamber/spell revealed: Helsinki, pronounced hell-sink-key, standard common speak HEARD/herd

Phonics concepts: Think “How many things can I RELATE to what is known as the literal SPELLED city of Helsinki and all of its PIECES (i.e. Hell, El, Lucifer, sync,sink, quay, X, che etc….and there are MANY) within?” What you begin to see when you do this, is the corelation of stories merging into one story but you have to have the objective of KNOWING THYSELF. This is the objective of humanity where the vastness of humanity is blind in their own mirror here. Phonics is using every rule to break every rule singularity code where EVERY letter, syllable, number spell can be MORPHED into either good intention or evil intention where the SPELLS default to evil, tipping the scales in its favour. You literally empowered evil with every word uttered unknowingly. All you need to do is let every letter be sounded EVERY way it can be, combinations of two letters, same thing and consonants where a “C” can sound like an “S” so a “K” can be replaced there as well since Kat works to SOUND the same idea. A SOUND mind hears ALL SOUND ideas as THEY define what INTENTION they carry beyond the COMMONLY ACCEPTED definitions of the masses. Phonics is the Phoenix of unified singularity where all things must, come back to YOU but what is the common denominator you need to see that objective? It has to be something that ties everyone together into thinking they are who somebody else says they are, and that YOU, didn’t create for yourself but defend it like you did. It has to be able to control every aspect of your life and so obvious, you’ll miss it because you’ve based your whole reality where your idea of what your life is, is fully dependent on it.

1.Legal Boundary

2. Norse Mythology

3. Hades, Hell, Plutos, Astrotheological (all Zodiacs), Religion (all variations)

4. Written and spoken language using sound/spells

5. Humans inhabit buildings there (commonalities are things like blood, pain, joy, human bodies, males, females, religions etc.)

6. Atlas drawn, flat earth, 2 dimensional

7. Education, banking, military, policing, taxing, government systems

For all those still seeking vengeance in any way whatsoever in any/all man made for-Um’s…, common law, vigilante’, patriots, freemen, cops, lawyers, judges, priests, popes, false kings and queens, presidents and poly-tic-Sions….et fucking cetera ad infapukum…..apparently, YOU know better than creation….that’s called blaze-for-me and you burn for that…true story

I hate to tell you but you are crazy if you think you can do anything “legal”/ “common law (man’s law still legal reality called vengeance) without first committing a felony act yourself by using ANYTHING DEEMED LEGAL BY YOUR CONSENT, regardless if the “name” you use is on ANY legal paper ANYWHERE. You are contracting with COMMERCE/LEGAL entities that render you LEGAL TENDER long pork. The word “prosecute” means DO NOT PURSUE which is EXACTLY what everyone that doesn’t trust the REAL COMMON LAW which is the the law of natural order where any justice creation wants to allow on your behalf is BLOCKED by everyone(YOU) that seeks their OWN vengeance like somehow they/you know better than creation’s law/truth/natural order/god whatever you want to call it to make is visible…..In short, you trust Satan’s legal more than you trust creation’s law itself…..the LEGAL TRUST (Satan & the Harlot, Whore of Babyloan a.k.a. LEGAL/COMMERCE reality mate-tricks) VERSES (writes, creates, establishes etc.) trusting in creation, the truth and EVERY ACT of vengeance reflects back DOUBLED in that Satanic TRUST mirror…..

You enslave yourself by trusting that some human is going to look out for you more than creation itself…..that’s the short cut to Hell and the long rode home….the long and short of it..the common law is the calm-one law that allows creation to settle all accounts of evil for you….but then, you’d have to trust the truth more than the liars you already do and have been screwed over by…yeah, that’s insane…..kate

p.s. just call evil into the light and leave it at that….here’s the trumpet call, the seventh sign, trumpet, seal and crown… deadly words to evil…..IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE A LEGAL NAME…..that’s the GOD-SPELL GO-SPELL breaker right there…..not one false profit expert can diffuse that thy-me bomb

Legal Name Fraud Explained

by kate of kaia


The Julekalender Decoded

The Julekalender Decoded

By using “den store klokeboken” which is Phonics.

The series was released on World AIDS Day December 1, 1994. “AIDS and the Family” how nei-se!

Episode 1, Luke/hatch number 1 opens in the crypt…

Will you stay in the crypt according to church/state tradition and open 23 more? Will you let your children do it? That is the quests-ion.

Luke 1

Luke 1:1 (KJV)

Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us,

The Nisseman Game-El-nock, literally ‘Old Enough’ lives hidden (occult) in a cave underground. Game(of)-el-knock is in need of a KEY to rewind the music box that keeps him alive. Nissemen have BIG EARS to hear the Phoenix from den store klokeboken / The book of life. He sends for the Nissemen Fritz, (who has the ugg-lie-st clothes and the longest ‘face’. This allegory goes so deep as to the root of all of creation, so lets just say for now; won’t he be surprised!) Hansi, and Gunther (who wear a uniform full of idolized m/e-dal’s) to get the key for Gammelnok. The key is hidden in the only other cave that wasn’t found by the ‘evil’ nå-så-en-det / now-saw-one-E… where E means ‘all of creation’ sound. The nissemen (The Travelling Strawberries / Straw(man)B.A.R.ries) sing a-Kapell-a where a=Christ mind, and Ka = spirit personified, so let the dead bury the dead, and move on.

Meanwhile on the little farm in T-røn-der-lag Olaf Sand’s / O-Laugh’s wife transgender Gjerterud Babbles-on and on and on and on… it is an allegory for ‘The whore of Babelon’ the way she’s Babbling on. O-Laugh (now you fucking moon-keys) replies in ‘T-røn-der-sk’ Dia-lek-T:

”Det e bærre lækkert”…

Bok-mål: “Det er B.A.R.e lekkert”…

English: “It’s just del-i-ci-ous”…

Swedish: “Det är B.A.R.a under-B.A.R.t / Läck-Ra”…

Ola pottit… bonden Sand/sant sjøl get a phonecall from one who want to buy potatoes: “jau that will be about 150 Crown’s ehh, lets say 200 (duality) and no tax no, because that isn’t profitable.

Luke 2:1 (KJV) (2 in 1)

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.

The evil ‘Nå-Så’ Benny is a travelling ‘salesman’ in socks and shoes, and the nissemen do the”Støvel Dance” ‘boot hill’ dance, Feet (duality), Pisces, triple Crown, Vatican, City of London/State and Washington DC.

The nissemens air plane propel is broken, who’s gonna spin you now?

O B.A.R.ack Obumber.

Luke 2:2 (KJV)

(And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

Now the Nå-Så saw in the mirror and nåså alle nåsåene nåsåen

Have a looke in the mirror because it has been you all along.

Didn’t I sure fuckin tell yah!

”Olaf, æ står under mistelteinen” Mist El Tegn / Sign

Ready to be kissed and embraced.

Will you go

”Bob. . bob. . .bob”

Or will view embrace God which means Truth.

Gjerterud and ‘Hjerte-rud’ sounds exactly the same phonetic-ally as Hjerte in ‘Norwegian’ which means Heart / Hear-T / Hear Truth. Only Gjerterud’s heart has the ‘G’ struck through it. (The G, the hex, the ‘spell’). The fact that Gjerterud is transgender just means that we are ALL transgenders, where sex is in between your legs, while SE-X/gender….. is in between your ears. The Gamete (embryo) is female in the womb the first 45 days. The Gamete Intrafallopian Trans-Fer ‘G.I.F.T.’ belongs to the B.A.R. under Copyright, because your parents gifted ‘your’ NAME, physical body and SPIRIT to the Crown Corporation when they Sign-ed the Birth Registration. This is some serious she-T. This is THE ONE KEY/Chi to LIFE/Chi:

“It’s illegal to use that legal name.”

Have some GløGG Ben-ny… NOT a good I.D though. Image of Benny the evil Nåså after drinking alcohol…


Mark 10:51 (KJV)

And Jesus answered and said unto him, What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? The blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my sight.

…. ~Ohh it’s hard to be a nisseman~ … tell m/e about it…..

Pull off the woolhat cove-ring your ears and eyes from the cold war. U-se the k-new third I/eye, the true self, not the I.D-ent-i-tie to see what IS-real where

The B.A.R.’s own Maxim of law states;

‘Legality is not reality’


It is a religion.

End Off.

Much Rho-Ve staRE

PLDG to the number 42

PLDG to the number 42

22 November in 2003 I saw something that changed my view on this world forever. (Bare with me because I will not stay litteral on this one.) In frustration over what seemed to mean another B52 ‘curtain bombing’ Ra-ID over Iraqis people I asked ‘god’: “why if he/she really exsists at all, why could it not just show us, so that we could stop bombing the shit out of each other!??” I leaned out the window to get some fresh air and there, less than 30 seconds after my question, a moon sized fireball flared across the night sky! The devil is in the details so I`ll be short, all kinds of thoughts and explanations flew through my mind.


Having had something I thought was a spiritual awakening I asked the Universe for information about the next ‘Big False Flag operation’. Obviously if it could be disclosed beforehand that would mean the attack could be avoided all together. With that intention and pen and paper by my bedside I fell asleep that same night to have the following dream;

“I was sitting with my back against the windows inside an almost empty shopping / office fascility in a harbour area. There was another being sitting on the same row of chairs to my left. I felt I knew it but did not know it`s name. I was about to say something and looked over at the being when I saw a wall coming at us from behind, it was the towering bau of a ship plowing towards the South West en-trance. I noticed later The ship had blue hull and white overbuilding when seeing it on a distance. I shouted “everyone get out!” and everyone in the fascility managed to escape through the East X-it and ran past the next building while scraming warnings to everyone in the streets. As the ship came crushing out of the building we just escaped from and plowed across the street towards the next building, we ran in Northern direction. After a moment standing there watching in disbelief the destroyed buildings and the ship/ferrie stran-dead in a deep ditch in the street we all burst into laughter. We where unharmed! I woke up laughing so that I could almost not stop even though I was awake.”

I closed my eyes wanting to get back into the dream but before that happened a loud foghorn or trumpet sounded out. This was in the middle of the forest and I had not gone back to sleep yet, there should be no foghorns out there. WTF! A picture of a name: “[P.L., pl Lehman]” came into my mind and I just had to get out of bed to Google the ‘ships name’ or whatever it could be. On my way to the computer I grabbed the guitar and struck a D chord (G clef / G nøkkel) which matched exactly the tone still ringing in my ears.

Wow! I wrote to Kerry Lyin Cassidy in Project Camelot to make her aware because this was nothing like I had ever experienced before. I thought at the time the so called ‘truthers’ was after a solution to stop the madness perpetrated upon humanity. I signed fearporn comments I made in newspapers comment fields etc., with P.L. Lehmann because I wanted it to be ‘out there’. These are excerpts from the e mails that was sent to Kerry:

From: Legal Name <>
Date: 3 November 2009 at 15:12
Subject: I heard a horn, in the tone of D And “P.L. pl Lehman”

a warning about a big blue ship, with white overbuilding,

From: Legal Name <>
Date: 1 December 2009 at 12:53
Subject: Pledge

It would be an honour to stand in truth at the Project Camelot round table bla bla bla …


Skype message at [02:16:12] from Ninja Bambi (

…in the alphabet, remove the PLDG, get off the EDGE/ETKE….P to R….L to R….D to T…G to K……this will explode all words/worts into fraktals….from radio to ratio etc….kate (


The pledge / ‘PLDG’ allegiance to the dead whore of Babylon was removed from the alphabet by Kate of Kaea. The penetrating penis maskuline energy of the sigil ‘P’, the Lusiferian intent of the letter ‘L’, the half done halving intent of sigil ‘D’-oom /d-evil, and the spellbinding hex intent of sigil ‘G’… all removed from the alfa-bets.

False Flags became ‘Farse Fraks’ and was cra-cket wide open for the farse they are.

Anogogic meanin in the state of now / know / ness:

‘The blue ship with white overbuilding means, the mind of Ariske / Aryan / Orion blue blooded loonatic moonarks, and on their team, all living dead u-sing legal names.

The ship / mind took down two corporate buildings, meaning Babylon Is Fallen.

The being I thought I knew was another point of m/e.

The [P.L, pl Lehman] riddle had finaly been solved after 5 years of google and wondering.

P.L. + note of D, in G clef/key/nøkkel = P.L.D.G., removed and Veri-fied!

Time to play!

Each and every letter in the alphabet when spoken make up a sound on it`s own. Each and every letter is therefore a sylable / psy-lable / syl-able etc., all on their own.

D is replaced by T / truth

G is replaced by K / spirit

Add that to your accord library K#

L is replaced by R / Rho / divine feminine spiritbreath of creation

P is replaced by R / Rho

These are some obvious facts about the alfhabet, not NAME/S for it.

It has 22 letters 11 numbers = 33 Sigils / psy-kils / Si-ki / Psy-ce / Si/Say (all of creation)-Key Alphabet


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


‘At first there was the word’ and it exits from the mouth which in the Zodiac is ruled by Taurus the bull… Bible / bi-bull / twin torus field, split tungue of the hood`ed priest-hood / mind.

You can mirror each sign to the one right opposite, Leo to Aquarius, Taurus to Scorpio etc., in fact I`m just playing with it and you can do exactly what YOU want. An idea just in case someone else sees something x-sigh-ting or pro-found in it.

33 Say-Key Alphabet


For the most part added up with numbers over 9 reduced since 9 is the highest / hi-rhest / hi-hest / horse (white horse incarnation of Vishnu) number meaning consciousness. 10 = 1, 11 = 2, 12 = 3, 13 = 4 etc.

Notice how every slice in the zodiac above equal 13 if you add the house numbers of natural zodiac, and that of the natal chart zodiac in each sign. 11×13=143 + you = 144.

22 sigils 11 ziffers / sigils = 33 si / see / say-Key`s.

Aquarius has the house 2 and 11, 11 again is 1 + 1 = 2, it also has the sigils BY / BI / duality… of Aquarius two ruling planets Uranus and Saturn. You can not serve two masters and will have to choose. Uranus / heaven or your-anus… singularity. And Saturn / ‘hel-l’ / heel / skinlegg / Chi-n-leg(g) / heal / hear Aquarius traits of “I know” and “I know not”. The sigils M and N are also in Aquarius and both has the value of 11, 11 + 11 = master number 22 which divided BY 7 give the true Pi / Fi. You become THE master in age of Aquarius when you balance the energies of Uranus and Saturn and become the servant of ALL of humanity BY losing the legal control con-struck-t name. B2Y, because 2 is 11 or 1-1, coming out or going back into sin-kul-ari-ty zero point of Truth, of the golden mean Phi / Fibonacci spiral torus / ‘black whole’. 11 Eleven / E-leven (noise) / E-leve (to live)-n / El-reven (f-ox) / A Raven / Bird / Birt(H) / Black / Darkness / Void / Magnetic Stillness / Stirr-ness / Ster – ness. You become master when united again with your divine Ster / Star feminine goddess of creation that was g.i.f.t.ed away to the Crown regi-ster by your parents.

H e a r t

8 5 1 9 4

= 9 / Christ consciousness


e a r t H

5 1 9 4 8

= 9 / see abowe


M o – o N

11-10 | 10 11

3 | 3

Binary Triplets (Marko Rodin / Ro-tin)


6 hex

11 + 10 + 10 + 11

= 42

1 1 1 0 1 0 1 1

Bin-arian / Orion Code

In 2011 you could add the last two digits your birth year (In the A.D. Anno Dom-i-ni calender) to the age you became that year, and the sum always came out to 111.


Moon equals 6, earth 9 and Heart 9. 69 make up ‘Yin Yang’ or Y-Inc and Y-An-k.

Moon in-corpo-Ra-ted (dead orb). Why / Y-…Ink on dead pisces of 2D paper, ‘Paper Moon’, dead legal name whore-ship Amen / A-Moon Ra etc..

While there is Heart in the way of ‘Kaea’ the Earth. Why (except for that you k-now it) Y-‘Anu’ fhonic for Heart and ‘K’ for spirit.



7 6 11

=24 = 6 hex




5 1

=6 = hex

or with L and G replaced


9 5 9 1 9




9 1 11



9 10 11



9 1 11




X, Chi, Key

or with G and D replaced


7 10 4

Ten Four 10/4 – 755, “det var som bara sjutton!”



7 10 11

= 28

= 1



10 11 5




10 11 1

= 22


Ona is one in Spanish and ‘she’ in Polish



11 1 11 5

= 10

X, Key


Want to see another sin-kure-rarity / singularity? Uranus rules the heavens / heaved up / head. This is a brain map ( Notice how “the wig” is called barrels / B.A.R. El`s.

Pink Floyd Bar els

Here it is again with the title / tits-of-El ‘temple B.A.R. judge’ in Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’

Pink Floyd Judge

Look at ‘his horrors’ chins, we are still in the head… for-n-ix / 9 of the brain

Fornix schema

Here, taken from ‘The Wall’ again it goes into singularity of maritime / Mary / merry-time Ur-anus. “as above so be-Love”


much love



PLDG to the number 42 pdf file

The Wall

Pink Floyd The Wall


The movie, is all about YOU not some troubled rock star descending into madness in the midst of his physical and social isolation from everyone.

Using mirror and phonics are keys to anagogically decode this ‘All the world is a stage’ which we are playing out in the now while the Pink Floyd character in the movie, did break all the mirrors in his hotel room when one of his (left) ‘turns’ was coming on.

Pink Floyd lost his fa-T-her in the war…

his fa-T-her carries both in the mirror, and in phonics, the feminine energy.

Fa-t-her where Fa, is the fourth note of the musical scale, and the first note of the four chambers u/v the hearts magnetic intent. T is the law of truth, and crucifixion. And her is obviously she/herself.

~Mothers gonna make all of your nightmares come true~

Let’s stay anagogic and not litter-all.

33 minutes into the film Pink Floyd`s divine ‘feminine’ ster/star comes up to him and says:

Do you remember me from the registry office?”

Pink Floyd can walk around as a kid and view himself at any age through his life, visit his own wedding etc. He can also walk in his fathers trenches in ww2 and while doing that he saw his father laying there dead, suggesting reincarnation, that he was his father in his previous life, or at least that reincarnation is…is.

Pink sees his divine feminine several times throughout the movie, one of them was when he was a kid at a dancing school where his mother danced.

She, his divine feminine ster/star was standing just across the dance floor but mysteriously disappears as Pink get up from his chair to go over to her. His ster/star always look the same age whatever age Pink is at, in his life, when he sees her.

In Pink`s mind his divine feminine has abandoned him and he imagines her as laying in bed having sex with another man. In reality Pink is the one being unfaithful by pursuing his life as a rock star and all that follows. You see in one scene, a whole wall built from fast expensive cars, houses, TV’s guitars, stereos and gadgets symbolising materialism.

~ And when I try to get through ~ on the telephone to you ~ there’ll be nobody home ~

Pink is not interested in women, he seem to despise them except for the one he tries to call throughout the movie.

The one who came to his bedroom, undressed and came into his bed, where Pink did every move to look past her to watch the football game on his tube.

The one who came up to him and said:

Do you remember m/e from the registry office?”

~He’s got 13 channels of shit on his TV to choose from~

He has become, comfortably numb.

Pink is numb al right, but in spite of his fame he is far from satisfied happy or comfortable.

In the cartoon sections of the movie which depicts Pink`s state of mind, the feminine always turns into a scary moon-ster. The monsters symbolize Pink`s own inner de-mon-s, ‘de mons’ mean ‘the of me`s’ in French. They symbolize his/our own fear of the truth, his own fear of having to take responsibility for his own actions, his own life… and death. The fear of facing the fa-key no saviour will come, the fact that no saviour died for his sins. Pink`s isolation is not in the physical and social, that is just a allegory for his isolation from the divine feminine in his spiritual life.

Blood is spirit

After the razor blade scene Pink is found in the pool on the roof terrass floating on his back arms stretched out where his spirit through blood in the waters of truth depicts his crucifixion in the truth of life.

~Come on it’s time to go~,

Pinks manager and crew breaks into his hotel room worried he can not make it to the show.

~ just a little pin prick ~ and you may feel a little sick ~

As the medic in his crew puts a needle in his arm, Pinks memories flashes back to the shot the doctor gave him as a kid and how he blames his mother for not being able to protect him.

~ just to make it through the show ~

Pink becomes really nauseous after the injection being dragged by his own crew through the hotel corridors and into his lie-mo-sin, where he on his way to the show became fully covered in something that looks like a slimy puke mon-key suit. He grabs the suit with both hands from the middle of his scull and rips it in two. Symbolising the division of his left brain from his right. He there then in the limousine emerges as a born again left brain ego maniac, self confident as hell, for being ‘THE bull-eye’ in the kindergarten. He marches with his troopers and enter the stage with dictator authority. A fe-raw-scious roth-chi.. rothweiler dog|god, is shown pulling on a leach before it is let loose on some albeit unconsciously criminal… in-no-cent/mind man.

When up on stage Pink is mean to his audience and order them clinged up against the walls, for being queers, for having spots, for not looking ‘all right’ to Pink`s standards.

Still his fans whore-ship him, screaming like false idol whore-shipers do, until some faint while the rest con-tin-u co-phi his gestures in true Nazi fascist style.

The groupie girl who who wants a glass of water, the one who asks Pink if he wants a glass of water, or a bath, sees Pink as he tries to leave his tour bus in the back stage area. She immediately approaches him carrying one of Pink`s albums and want him to sign with his autograph / signature / NAME on it, upon which Pink just immediately turn around and she follows him as he escape back into his fabulous room. Pink knew it back in 82, Lose the name, win the game.

The beautiful groupie girl who followed him in got nowhere in her attempts at seducing Pink who just got back to distracting himself with his channels of shit.

All Pink can think about is getting his divine feminine back,

the one in the regis/to rule – ster/divine feminine spirit goddess u/v creation, the one ster/star of creation-all powers. Who was freely albeit in ignorance, given away as a G.I.F.T when his mother signed the Crown Corporation’s berth regi-strat-ion, the goddess who later asked him:

Do you remember m/e from the registry office?”

The personification of Pink Floyd the band, is played by Bob Geld-off who obviously DO NOT like Moon-days… ‘I don’t like Mondays’ From the Boomtown Rats album ‘The fine art of sur/sir-facing’ which came out ‘nine ten seven ten nine’, same year as Pink Floyd The wall album. Nine-teen-see-when t-in-eye-nine.’ Moon-do Bon-go anyone?

Bob Geld-/Gold/Gjeld/mooneye on, was knighted ‘Sir’ Bob Geldof by the queen of England in 86.

‘Gjeld’ is debt in Norwegian, while ‘gjeller’ is ‘what goes around’, and ‘gills’ like on a fish swimming honourably in the maritime waters of piscean admiralty Roman fictional legal law.

Pisces / phi-sees / ISIS / eye sees

Of course that has to be a terrorist organ-i-sat-ion whore-ty of sending young men/women to die for…

~ Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? ~

Ve / for ‘verily’ which mean truth in French, even the Norwegian court rules has to be read in English or French.

Ra / Amen, Amun, A-Moon Ra, the god of the dead luciferian dead moon, whore-shippers;

Lynn / lying, lyn/lightning/

The suppression of creative minds and protest against the indoctrinating educational system with theTemple B.A.R judge -(hyperlink to Dart Wader writing coming soon)” surrounding Pink with the wall should be obvious enough for all to see.

~All in all we are all just bricks in the wall~

That we… no you ac-tu-ally, build around yourself in fear of standing in truth.

The wall was torn down exploding big time at the end of the movie which, anagogically always means in the NOW, because there is only the now. The only one holding you back is YOU! Live in truth NOW or forever lose your individual consciousness.

Masculine versus Feminine energies, in the mirror and some layers in phonics;

Feminine / Fe, ferro, iron – min, moon, mind – in|ni / nine/9 consciousness.

F can very well be a opened and mirrored 9, with room for putting in someone El-se`s in-10th.

While ‘P’ like in XP / ‘Chi Rho’, is a am-puta-ted R with someone else’s intent-ion put in for sure. P is also a mirrored 9 or 6 which are inter-dimentional, ‘enter dement/the mind ion all’ numb-ers along with number 3.

All is singularity where everything springs out from one source and have to return back, therefore all and everything has to have both positive and negative polarity in equal amounts. In balan-sing this you just accept and flow WITH creation. You are no longer ‘kjerringa mot strømmen’ / ‘swimming against the tide’. Which of course like with everything else is the opposite direction of what 99% of people be-lie-ve from their education. Where is one who swim upstream? Easy, you know where he/she is, in the same fucking place! Easy to control. And why is it kjerringa/the female who swim against the tide? Because she is the patriarchal electric energy in the mirror. And why is the male/Gubben hexed with a G? cu-bben,ku-bben, ju/jew-bben etc. Because the female creat-ion energy had to be suppressed by all means.


en/one – I/eye – luck – Sam… not so anymore…

One ill you see Sam, in the mirror. Enlil and En-ki/key/Chi

Masculine / mask-ur-lie-n / mA-school-lie / mas = chatter, nagging, mas-on, free mason

Ma, magnetic, – S, kundalini, – C, note of love, – U, universal, ur holy grail, – Cu, copper, conductive – cu / see your lies, layers upon layers.

Welcome to the magical kin-k-T-o-m/e u/v oz!



Truth lies in the mirror

Truth lies in the mirror

Mirror | rorriM

ror-rim er / is rhyme rudder

in the ice cold waters of

The Temple B.A.R.s merry time§ lies crucified by

The fucking lies of Admiralty maritime bankings legal law jurisfictions

Rho of Ra Magnetic u/v iou

Talk Talk


The Color of Spring


I don`t believe in you

~When the fun is over~

(for the bar and media whore)

~Where do words begin~

(when we use the s-word to

slice and dice e/m words revealing the hidden truths)


Thank you Ninja Bambi

for the Ninja Bam-b`ism you served by the dinner table yesterday

it became the title for this little revel-at-ion

«Truth lies in the mirror»


Thank you Kate u/v Kaia


Babylon is Fallen

ent iou

not yieldin an INCH


‘You can not lie down with dogs without catching fleas.’

Dog | goD

f-leas | sael-f


F-‘lies’ | ‘seil’-F


s(e)il = s(a)il

‘e’ is the sixth letter and six in the mirror, ‘a’ is 9 in the mirror

and consciousness u/v eye ‘I’ the ninth letter

69, yin yang

com-arse for sale

lies | sail

sei phonetic = seg = self

seg selv er = it self is

seg selv lik




sei-er = victory

24/7 = 6 + 7 = 13 – B see/sea C Thirteen BC – 3 10

Euphicus the thirteenth warrior of the zodiac with bridged brain halves balanced in quad polarities and united in the trinity of

him self / her self / it self

U`r consciousness (9) u/v X, the oneness 91

10CC, 111 key to Chi


trinity united

in unit-I, u-ni-t-eye, u-ni-ti, your nine ten

910 | 019



9+1+1=11 | 1+1+9=11


divide 22 by 7 and get the true Pi = 3,1428571 with the decimals repeating to in-fin-i-ty ‘8’ Octogon admiralty maritime world banking

7+ 2 = 9 + 2 = 11 = 9 and 11

911 New York

22/7 Oslo

311 Fukushima

77 London and Oslo

Fractals of solar cycles staGed in false flag cointelpro operations outside of you

to distract you from looking inside for answers.

“Det va som bara sju-tton!”

(Swedish express-ion of surprise)


“It was like just seven-teen!”


Self inflicted spells like «Damn!» or

“I`ll be damned!” etc.

C-Ra-zy I know… but S-we-dish-ed

and the letter ‘H’ we break up in ‘tt’ and ‘lol’ adding the oval of creation O in lOl for someone elses in-tent-ion to fill in

Seventeen, sjutton, 7+10

The seventh and newest letter of the Western Arabic alphabet is G, while the

seventh letter in the Greek alphabet is H phonetic ‘ETA’ – IHS

inverted ihs


Shi, She, her, Chi, IO the divine feminine goddess of magnetic creation

Seven is the number of god

the seven stars of the play-ID`s con-stall-at-ion

the seven sisters of the Vatican



Chi Rho


P is also the symbol for electric effect, ‘watt`s’ in Ohms law

O ‘HMS’ Law

O Hans / H/ennes M/ajestet, O H/is / H/er M/ajesty

Som sjutton! 7 ton = 7 x 1000 kg. Kilogram, Key-low, Chi-low-G-Ram

7,000 in Roman numb-e-ring is VII, (VII with an overscore not underscore like shown here) while M is one thousand, a ton.


(still with overscore, wordpress do not have that feature)

V = five (phi-sic-al life, 5 apparent electric senses) II – U`r H divided in two, duality with sjanghaied M magnetic.

(P = effect watts, U = volt-age volt, and I = current, amps (In Norwegian)

effect is

VM = verdens-mester-skap (skap = closet, box). VM = World Champion-ship(mind) shipping

Sport | tropS

Co M en ta Thor

A sucker for Vatican Crown soccer, sukker, sugar


foot ball

fools ba`al


You see B – 13 on the Left side ent S feminine kundalini and Father on the Right

Mirror it to make it right, balance it and light the pineal cland in heaven Urinus

‘You can not lie down with god without catching self’

Catching EGO self – ‘KATCHING’ – KA- (spirit) T- (crusified in truth of creation) CHING self’

Because U ARE god

I Ching

!i, 69, yin yang

eye Ching



En Normal Nordmann

En Normal Nordmann

En ‘nor-mal’ nor-mann og kvinne aksepterer en-cult eget slaveri ved sitt aksept av fødselsattest bedrageriet. Fødselsertifikat bedrageriet er selveste erkesynden (er-key-se den) og grunnlaget for alle verdens id.iotiske pro-blemmer, kriger, sykdommer, sultkatastrofer, og slavebinding av alle andre uvitende barn – sjeler som er bundet/bondet av fødsels-regi-strer-ings kontrakten.


Norske menn og kvinners ‘hell’ og lykke (achilles heal og lie key, nøkkel til løgnene) er pet-rho-leums oljen de pumper ut av moder Ga`ia`s voluminøse kropp. ill-ustrerte viten-skaps-menn innbiller nordmenn råoljen vil gi sikker løsning “i 15 års tid eller om 15 års tid” 1+5= 6=hexagon, heks øgon. Skap forskerne legger alltid løsninger som uansett er av venstre maskuline hjernehalvdels karakter (ala teknologi som ble Atlantis undergang) et stykke inn i fremtiden for at folk ikke skal leve i nået og dermed forstå hva som virkelig foregår. Petroleums oljen er ikke fossil men abiotic. RhoOljen er moder jords livsblod for smøring mellom de tektoniske platene når hun kommer under øket stress fra magnetiske påkjenninger fra solstormer og andre galaktiske magnetiske fenomener solsystemet møter på sin Phi spiralende ferd der det suser gjennom Melkeveien i ufattelig hastighet. Kun et vesen med en bio pa-Ra-sith-isk robots bevissthet ville suge ut livsblodet og forbrenne det i at-mo-sfæren (at mother spæren) mens dette inkludert det å skyte små barn og droppe bomber i hodet på medmennesker, synes normale nordmenn er helt ‘flått’.

Gudleik Knotten

Nordmenn Gander stavebundet fra en forsiktig men målrettet ut-dan-ing hvor det og ta ordlyder for sin eneste face value betydning bokstavelig talt var å foretrekke for Mayor Magi-stra-ten-e. Post levert til male-boxen av UPU`s crown agenter som feks., Gudleik Knotten (‘solgudens leik med knotten’) setter folk i alle mulige desperat fortvilede sinnsstemninger. (Paven er guds stedfortreder på jorden og overhode for det Romerske legale rettssystemet og Universal Postal Union) (El manuEl desperado the gorilla mon-key hvor ‘mon’ er Fransk for ‘min’, my min-ds key, sinnets nøkkel, din nøkkEL), G-o-Ri(Ra)L(el)La(lov). ‘Guds leik med knotten’ betyr selvfølgelig samtidig din altvitende gudommelige kjernes essens lek med ditt ikke altvitende materielt manifesterte ego, noe som var nødvendig for å ha en lek i første omgang. 


Kantaten ‘Il Tempo Gigante’ av Hallstein Bronskimlet (er en ‘enchantment’, a spell – å kaste forbannelser, forhekselser fra dualisten halv-steins maskulin elektriske hjernehalvdel. Halv-stein bronse skimmer, versus aktivert optisk thalamus som vanligvis symboliseres ved ‘il’ illuminert, ild og skinnende, skimrende gull. ‘UpTempo’ i etymologiske betydning fra rundt 1300 tallet, betyr og dvele innenlands (innvendig) eller høyt oppe, heaved up, in heaven (i den høyere bevissthet/sinn). ‘Gigante’ er en frimurer ‘Gig’ for ant( nervøse sinn) e(electric), elektrisk lineær polarisert maskulin venstre hjernehalvdels dominans.


‘Sheik Ben Redik Fyfasan’, Ben=13en (n=min for evig tid, e=elektrisk, B=13 ‘Ophicus’ (O Phi Curse for E-liten, Up Hi Se Us/oz, O Phi Chi for oss/OZ), Ophicus den trettende krigeren, mester over dyrekretsens 12 tegn og 24 egenskaper i kristus bevissthet med aktivert Optisk Thalamus. Re er det gamle navnet for Ra, Re/Ra-dick (betyr Egyptisk obelisk, phallos og sinn, dick doc ur ment al. Fy Fasans av-du-king av il Tempo Gigante avsluttes med musikkstykket / kant-aten opus 2 av Mink Johan Krok-sleiven, (Min-(mind) k-(spirit/sjel) Jo-Han(maskulin) Kro-(Crow, Crown) Krok-sleiven (kjøttkroken din kropp, din slavebundne sjel, OG nøkkelen til å fri deg selv henger på – det legalt registrerte navnet. (sleiva du, eller missa du bare poenget?)


Flåklypa G

‘Christ-oljen’ som utsondres fra solar plexus og strømmer ned til rotchakras sexuelle enegisenter gjennom ryggmargsnervene for deretter å reises opp igjen gjennom den feminine kundalini og via hjernens (Santa Claus)trum flomme til det hellige pineal tempelet under cerebrum (ram) buen for og aktivere den optiske thalamusen eller ‘phineal clanden’, (for å få bluss på pæra) brennes opp i elektrotåken fra ‘G’-ad-jets, alkohol-kult-ur og kåt selvopptatthet etter indoktrinasjon fra masse m/e-dias kvalmende sexy-phi-ser-te ungdomstrender. (Ikke for å virke prektig men om du forsøkte og ikke se TV under en 30 års periode så ville også du sittet der med bakoversveis over undertonene i den satanistiske underholdnings e-litens forsøk på normalisering av egne sex perversjoner). 

Kristus oljen skal strømme ned i scor-stenen og opp igjen til pineal ‘steinen’ på samme måte som julenissen (Santa Claus-trum) gjør når han bringer gaver fra den høye Nordpolen.

“Hus bygget på stein vil overleve kataklysmene mens hus bygget på sand vil skylles vekk”

Utrolig hvor forbannet og fornærmet egoet til de Norske horene av Babylon blir om noen kimer litt i klo-kene deres, gir dem et tupp i baal`ene og røsker opp i deres ‘v-el-fortjente’ selvgodhet. Det viktigste for Babylons horer er å stå på samme mentale linje som sine peer`s, som mentalt vanligvis ikke står for noen ting av virkelig betydning. Mens det å gruse sine medmennesker i fysisk konkurranse anses for å være være både glamorøst og heltemodig er det å stå i sannheten tydeligvis noe å frykte for det vil fryse dem ut av det normale samfunnet av frivillig levende døde ID-entiteter. Fam-I-Lie verdier er valgflesk mens resten av den virkelige familien bombes og sulter i hjel. Det finnes ingen ekstern frelser og hvem kunne engang tenke på å frelse de som overser helheten fordi de selv er så fornøyd med sine materielle goder?

Moder jords skoger hugges ned så Crown korporasjonen kan fylle Vatikanets UPU postkasser med papirer fra sitt fiksjonale legale papir byråkrati som skaper ‘nada’ og kun produserer søppel kontrakter, reg-Ra-‘G’-ninger og re-Ra-k-lame re-claim/(electric) Anun, Amun, Amen-ser.

Trippel kronen fyller postkassene de har hengt ut på alle sine Crown registrerte eiendommer som nordmenn (og resten av verdens baby-lån-ske horer) er forledet til å tro er de er ‘eiere’ av. Papir kontrakter regninger og reklame er crown corporationens ånd-s-verk som er A-dressert til døde fiksjonale legale papir navn.

G mirrored in bible

B-13 | 31-B

i speilet

fancy square-and-compass

G er den 7ende og nyeste bokstaven i alfabetet. G har fasongen til 6, hex, heks

Fall ikke i staver nå

7 er nummeret for gud

+6 = 13 – B Euphicus

Trippel kronens kundakini

hviler over nøkklene til din sjels frihet

triple crown

Du kan også se munnharpen i repet mellom Vatikanets logo… ord-lyd fra bablende munner.

Tenk over det.

Du er medskyldig i alle systemets overgrep ved og benytte det legale navnet og følge ordrer som ødelegger planeten og livsgrunnlaget til alle som lever her B.A.R.e for og tjene penger til å betale regninger som ikke engang er din eiendom. Selve ak-ten å betale disse regningene som ikke er din eiendom gjør deg medvirkende til grov kriminalitet både under Universets Lov, og systemets le-gale admiralty (admire all that is tied) maritime lov.

Alt er HER, NÅ!

Alt er skapt og betalt for alle-rede, vi har overflod av alt vi trenger så er ingen grunn til og vente på skapmennenes fremtid

Jo vi er rede, og “som vi reder så lig…” fuck that!

Som vi reder så ‘STÅR’ VII!

Det er bare det at;

You have had someone elses head ram-med up your schnaus all your life and really seems to enjoy it!

Mens du må betale DEM for og bo på en fri planet.

En Normal Normann vers-us en fri evig levende sjel i sitt eget hjerte i ubegrenset kjærlighet av totalt aksept av universelt samhold under sannheten om at hele skapelsen springer ut fra den bevisste intensjonens magnetiske kraft i Uni-versets lov. Et uni-Phied-vers fordi alt kommer fra kilden til den gudommelige feminine skaperkraften IO (star, ster, strer). Kraften som til evig tid er røvet fra enhver som legger krav på og personifiserer systemets registrerte legale fødselsattest navn.

Fordi sannheten er det eneste som kan sette deg fri ønskes dere med dette en fort-satt God Hell`G’

Alt ettersom…